List Of Stupid Things

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Slim Fight

  • NEVER fight Slim, this is his world, that means he is a god among gods...
  • See UnholyVampire's blood bath.. Fight slim

The Suck of the Suck

  1. Hirelings
    1. Alchs - Dont go braggin about you new awsome alch, everyone will lose intrest in you quickly...
      • Controversial Reply - Actually, they aren't bad once they can use potions.
        • Repentance Reply - Most noobs will get them and get disapointed. Remember their first damage potion in at Sonalit.
          • I've added a page:alchemist about them anyways
    2. Elven Archer - Ok, now these guys are ok, kinda... I guess...
    3. Dwarf - Now these dwarfs are good, just not for the price tags.
      • Controversial Reply - 2000 isn't THAT bad. Check out 9999 GEMS. And gems are 100 gold each from vendor. 9999*100, you do the math. THAT is expensive.
        • Repentance Reply - I still havent even see a Gem vendor yet, and when you wanna get them they do have big price tags.
  2. Quests
    1. Trauma Loyalist - Now then, no rewards? Ok, whats up wit that...? Unless you count the Quest you can get after it, thats just plain mean.
      • Controversial reply - Well, this quest requires you to do pretty much think the reward is fitting.
        • Repentance Reply - I know but I had to kill the whole forest when I did it. I just find it annoying
    2. Snared Loah - Everyone asks where you get the quest, and you dont, you just do it. The quest isnt annoying, the Broadcasts are...
    3. Sonalit Tower - Most people have learned at the loah, but some dont...
  3. Spells
    1. Spell Levels - Now then when you buy a spell stone, and drain your had earned earnings you find out you cant use it, thats a sad sight.
      • Controversial Reply - Right click (shift click on mac) is your friend.
        • Repentance Reply - This is one of my problems, i see it and check just to see if my mage is class enabled and quickly overlook that little factor
    2. Necromancer Spells - Costly and high Levels, now that sucks...
      • Controversial Reply - Great work yields great rewards...
        • Repentance Reply - If some one gives you a Necromancer while still in Howl that is when you get ticked.
  4. Guilds
    • Leaving good guilds such as eerie,kindred,hell knights
  5. Bugs
    1. Pressing the Esc key causes the game to quit (Mac OS X)

The Stupidest of all...

List Of Stupid Things

  • I wonder why no Controversial reply? Hmmm...
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