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Castle De Carnage

Ahh Castle De Carnage how we love you so.
(There will be a page with carnage layout soon)~Plater

Basic Rules

Listen to the admin/event admin.
As with all things, their rules take precidence over the wikki.
There is no teaming up in combat-based events unles otherwise notified.
Do not undercut/leap frog people in battle.


Wacky Race

Wait in stagging area until told otherwise.
Attempt to reach the prize on the other side.
Not all is as it seems


Wait in stagging area until told otherwise.
After entering the game room, wait to be told to pick up number.
There are two rooms with 8 numbers.
When told to do so, pick an empty # and stand under the sign corrosponding to it.
Wait you turn.
When your number is called, follow the directions to go through the gate (near #8).
Walk along the wall until you come to your number.
Walk up and take your item.

Personal note/preference: Walk of Shame or Walk of Fame, don that item with pride!

(Door #1 in CHOICES)


Race of Doom

"Sounds doomy-ish and racey-ish"
Wait in stagging area until told otherwise.
Defeat monsters to reach prize.
If you die, you lose exp.
Flee if you wish to save yourself, but you forfiet your chance
Line up in front of your lane and wait for the go.
Kill for prizes
Waiting for hp seems to be allowed, for now

(Door #1 in RACES)

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