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Welcome to Stormraven Gaming

A free online gaming resource set up by Stormraven for role-playing games that he is currently playing, running, or interested in.

Currently 363 articles on this wiki.


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The best place to find material independent of the game system portals below.

Material on this wiki can be viewed by anyone, but only registered users may edit articles or create content. See Requesting an Account below for details on making a request.

Hero System

Visit the Hero System Portal to access all Hero System material on this site, including submission guidelines and useful external links.

Dungeons & Dragons

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Visit the D&D System Portal to access all Dungeons & Dragons material on this site, including submission guidelines and useful external links.


A wiki devoted to the development of any game world, accessible and editable by all of the players making use of that world, is an ideal venue for capturing and recording the innumerable transient details that might otherwise be forgotten and lost. As more details are captured and recorded, the game world is defined and enriched. And the richer a game world is, the more useful a wiki is as a reference to play in that world.

Using This Wiki

Stormraven Gaming is easy to use. Just jump in and have some fun with it! Here are some quick tips to get you started.

Requesting an Account

You must request and receive an account before you may create or edit articles on Stormraven Gaming. E-mail a request to Stormraven. Include your desired login name in the request. He will e-mail you approval for your account and the password to access it. You can change your password on your Preferences page.

This is a private wiki for Stormraven and his friends. If you don't already have his e-mail address, you're probably not going to be granted access anyway, so there's no point in giving it here.

Editing an Article

Just click on the Edit tab at the top of an article to make changes to it. You may be unfamiliar with the wiki markup at first, but it's easy to learn. The Help link in the left column will get you started. You can also read the Editing How-To and User's Guide from Meta-Wiki for other usage and configuration help.

Creating an Article

You can create a new article in either of two easy ways. First, if a link has already been made to an article that doesn't exist yet – the link will be red instead of blue – just click on the link to create the article and start editing. Or second, enter an article name in the Search box in the left column. If no article is found, you'll be given the option of creating one by the name that you entered.

Admins Only

  • You can edit MediaWiki:Sidebar to change the navigation menu.
  • You can edit the javascript and CSS in the Header to change the look of the wiki.

Things You Can Do

Create Content

This wiki needs content, everything from characters to equipment to locations to house rules. So start writing! Be sure that there is at least one link to your new article from somewhere else on the wiki, or no one might ever notice it.

Create Categories

Each kind of thing ought to have its category, like Characters, Creatures, Spells, etc. This wiki needs the categories to be written and the articles to then be categorized.

See Meta-Wiki's Category help page for information on creating and using categories.

Write Templates

We need templates to display content in a consistent format, for...

  • Character and creature stats
  • Spell and power attributes
  • Equipment characteristics
  • And so on

See Meta-Wiki's Template and Advanced Templates help pages for information on creating and using templates.

Develop Infrastructure

Some utility links connect to blank pages. Others link to pages that aren't as useful as they could be. At times a link that would be useful isn't available on a page where it is needed. Help develop this wiki by fixing these problems or offering suggestions.

Link to EditThis

Links to EditThis, the hosting service for Stormraven Gaming, can increase the available storage space for this wiki. Every outside link to created on behalf of Stormraven Gaming adds 5 MB to our storage space, up to a maximum of 25 MB. So create those links, then let Stormraven know so he can put in the request for the extra storage capacity.
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