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Here are where your fan characters go. When we get really full of characters, I will group them into different pages. (Example A-E, T-Z)


[edit] Crimson Bat


Crimson is the 21-year old boyfirned of Rouge, and Mephiles' best friend. He came from the same dimension as Mephiles, though, not much other information is known about him.

[edit] Cyrus Falcon


Cyrus is 17 years old, and is an ally to Sonic. He is almost as fast as Sonic, but a bit stronger. He also has fire-element attacks, such as the Flare Dash (like a Spin Dash) and his best technique, Hellfire Blaze, which is only available in his Hyper Cyrus form. (Cyrus + 7 Chaos Emeralds)

By Lucas Aura

[edit] Colt Anarchy

Image:It's Colt.JPG

Colt is a 18 year-old hedge-coon (a mix between a hedgehog and a racoon). He is actually from a different planet, but he crashed into Earth when his planet was evacuated. He is a genius when it comes to inventing, but other than that he is a weird, childish fool. He is slightly taller than his friends


[edit] Gavon the Hedgehog


Gavon is a 16 year-old tech genius hedgehog, who bears a striking resemblance to Shadow. Cyrus and Gavon met when Cyrus saved him from Eggman after Eggman captured him, thinking he was Shadow. Gavon has a Sonic-ish attitude, but is just as smart as Tails.

By Lucas Aura

[edit] GSM


{Pronounced G.S.M} Amy's brother. It is unknown what the letters in his name stand for.

[edit] Slick the Wolf


Slick is a 20-year old character, once Cyrus' rival, now his ally. He vows to protect the jewel of his family from danger (although it seems to always get stolen, broken, etc.).


[edit] Styx Fan Sonic'd

Image:Styx Fan Sonic'd.PNG

Styx Fan got teleported to the Sonic world and now he's here to stay! He's a big Homestar, Styx, Nintendo, and Sonic fan. He does annoy the heck out of Sonic and gang. He can do a Spin Dash with Styx Energy (Kinda like PK) called Styx Spin Dash. He owns his own Ice Cream Parlor called Styx Fan's Scoops.

[edit] Tech the Llama


Tech is a tech genius (much like Tails), and has the ability to hack reality. HE RULZ.

-Ummm... Tech?

[edit] Tommyspud

{NO IMAGE FOR YOUZ, at least, not yet.}

It's kind of hard to describe him, so we guess we would let him explain for himself.

TOMMYSPUD: I am the ORIGINAL METAL SONIC. I am everything that he is, and more. The prototype is always the best. My abilities go from teleportation, to sword combat, with my own custom blades, of course, to making clones of myself. Unlike most metal sonics, a power, equal to a chaos emerald, is my main power source, and also, unlike any other machine, EMP's don't affect me. That's not even half of it, but I'm too busy to explain things to you.

[edit] Zhecks

Sprite form: Image:Zhecks sprite.png

Zhecks is a 16 years old echidna, one of the few echidnas that come from Australia. He mainly hangs out with Knuckles and sometimes his little brother, Ziggs. He's one of the stronger echidnas and can smash almost any hard rock you put in front of him.

[edit] Ziggs

Sprite form: Image:Ziggs sprite.png

Ziggs, like Zhecks, is an echidna whose age is about 10. When he doesn't hang out with Zhecks, his older brother, he sometimes helps Tails with his contraptions and such. Like his brother, he's quite strong, despite his age.

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