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This wiki is no more, come to this wiki instead.

Hello and welcome to The Something 6 Wiki. Before you start doing stuff, there are 10 Rules to understand. Here we can edit anything we want.


I (Neo jimmy6) say that please everybody who's actually connected now to try and make a text adventure. Because I'm trying to get more pages, and text adventures are the most (most pages) stuff, and there pretty much really fun.
I will work on my text adventure. And I'll try to make more people go on this wiki.
Thank you.

You can get awards for stuff.

Stuff you can probably do

  • If you made toons, you better put them here,but before you put the toons here, you must tryout.
  • Made games? Put them here.
  • Made text adventures? Put them here.
  • Made Something Else? Put them here.
  • Made shorts? Put them here, but before you put your shorts here, you must tryout.
  • Made Flash? Here.
  • Made any comics? Put them here.
  • Made email shows? Put them email shows, you better tryout before you make a email show.
  • Stuff that are under construction? Put them here.
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