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Welcome to the wiki for the Alternities and Lifeboat online role-playing games. Here you will find character biographies, game history (as the game progresses), maps and other useful information. I created it to help me keep the characters straight in my own mind when I'm posting to the game. Feel free to create an account and make additions or corrections!


Character Template - When creating a character bio page, copy the text on this page into the page for the new character, updating the text to fit the new character.

Template:Infobox You should not use or alter this page. It is just what it says it is, a template. Altering it may make it unusable. Instead, past the Character Template above into the first line of a character bio page (altering the text to fit the character in question). This will cause the template to fill the appropriate information into the info box there.

On Writing: Recommendations for books on writing.

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