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[edit] Important Stuff: The Characters

Character Questionnaire - Used to help determine what clan Our Most Unfortunate Protagonists were press-ganged into.
Victoria Langley - A law student. Loves kareoke. Played by QuicksilverFox.
Noah Harker - Athlete and aspiring teacher. A sweet boy, but a little down on himself. Played by Blender_Bunny.
Brent Gallant - Mathematician, recluse, genius. Played by Bassist159.
Alexander Taliesin- Classics major. Played by Lynne.
Leonard "China" Goldman- Psych major. Mischievous and manipulative, but with a good heart. Played by Sparda.

[edit] Setting Stuff

Shovel Game is set in New Orleans, but it's neither the New Orleans that we know in the real world today, nor is it precisely the New Orleans created by White Wolf's City of the Damned sourcebook. Below is some general information about the setting. Most of this will remain empty until the characters learn it themselves.

Dramatis Personae - New Orleans has one of the largest per capita vampire populations in the United States, and the player characters are by far not the only participants in the Danse Macabre, here's where we list information the players have discovered about the other kindred of the city.

Those From Outside - Just as the players aren't the only Kindred in the city, the Kindred aren't the only game in town. Occasionally, the players will meet a mage or a werewolf or...something else, and information about them goes here.

Important Locations - The players can't spend all their time in Elysium after all.

[edit] Session Synopses

Session 1: Hit By a Brick
Session 2: Bedbugs
Session 3: Tenement Blues

[edit] Miscellaneous Stuff

Here's some random stuff for your perusal.
Soundtrack - Shovel Game's official soundtrack is posted here. This is N'awlins, so look for lots of what New Orleans is famous for.
Fiction - Everyone likes a good story. I like them so much I give extra xp if you post them here.
Art - Like fiction, but with colours. Paint by number doesn't count. Even if it is Dracula.
Player Soundtrack- The UNOFFICIAL soundtrack. Because we all know that Lynne makes soundtracks, and Mark's not happy unless he's got his industrial all over everything.

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