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Meeting Notes

Saturday March 10, 2007

This is not a formal description of what happened but just me personal remembrance. Please feel free to include anything I may have left out. We discussed meeting etiquette and have asked that any loud or distracting activities not be allowed until after the formal part of the meeting had concluded. Also discussed was that any topics or presentations that involved commercial and/or proprietary products or services be approved by the membership attending the meeting where proposed. The consensus was that it would be OK to have a representative of a commercial product like Red Hat or Novell present as long as over all the presenter provided information of benefit to the membership and not just a marketing talk. Several members were interested in learning more about capturing and editing media using free open source software. We hope to have some sort of beginning level presentation on using tools like Kino, Kdenlive, and Cinellera on video that may be captured by using a video capture card or to a DV camecoder then streamed to your hard drive through firewire.--Miasma 03:39, 12 March 2007 (EST)

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