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We will know the pattern of centuries' rise and fall/(Soon love soon)/We will know that the fate of one is the fate of all.
-Vienna Teng, Soon Love Soon


[edit] Player Characters

  • Sene Alaiya, quiet, gentle healer. With an extremely dark past of his own making. played by Lynne.
  • Dream of Tomorrow, a former courtesan turned commanding general of a revolutionary army. played by Kon.
  • Frost on the Heart, an assassin, currently itinerant from his home, seeking to broaden his horizons and reach a certain Motivation. Played by Sparda.
  • Yushoto Adrastea, a strategist and keeper of the balance, haunted by old wounds and weary of war.
  • Kanati Star-Watcher, a notable astrologer from Yane who's in search for the woman he's seen in the stars. Played by QuicksilverFox85.
  • Ledaal Goholeri, once a shining star of the Realm's Legions despite his "mortal" nature, he fled to the Threshold in search of a niece that he loved like a daughter. Played by Logos.

[edit] Logs

[edit] Other Projects

FST- Lynne's attempt at a playlist. Because she has to make a soundtrack for every game she's in. All contributions welcome.
Lynne's Pen- Lynne writes fiction.
Other Stories - more game!fic.

[edit] Information

So What Have We Found Out So Far?-a place to keep all the info we've found out throughout the game.
Other Observations- random observations.
Quotes- the good, the bad, the punny. Funny and otherwise memorable quotes.

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