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I am going on holiday for 2 weeks, so expect slow updates. Sorry!
Welcome to RuneWiki, the Runescape encyclopedia that anyone can edit!! Today is Saturday, 30 September 2023

There are currently 106 articles on RuneWiki (not including stubs, templates or redirects)

Many thanks to for helping me get this wiki up and running!

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To create an article, just enter the name of the article you wish to create in the box, and click 'create article' <inputbox> type=create </inputbox>

Recent News


  • The Recent news page is up and running! This is all the news fresh off the front page of, and can be viewed by clicking "Recent News" in the navigation box (left of page)
  • Swords of Merit have been introduced. These are designed to award Runewikians for exellence in various areas. This page can be viewed by clicking on "Swords of Merit" in the navigation box (left of page).
  • The new RuneWiki logo is up and running! Click here to view it
  • If uploading a file, can you please make sure that it is a .gif extension, as this will help save space on the wiki's upload quota.
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