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I kind of want this page to be long enough that one doesn't have to look at the ads. Any suggestions?

ALSO ALSO ALSO why do we need a script, a list of scenes, and a screenplay?



Well, I guess we could add a lot of blank space. Or we could actually write about things. Personally I vote the latter.

And, if so, I'm going to vote for deleting "Script". Because it's the same. Rather, I'd vote for merging it with "List of Scenes". Because Dylan is creating the entire screenplay because he's neurotic, so it would be a little bit cruel to veto him.

Dylan doesn't need to create the entire screenplay if you don't want him to. He thought it would be helpful. He is writing in the third person.

Well, it was. We could put it back. She didn't delete it entirely, just unlinked it.

I am the cruelest person I know (with nine nice points)

What if I'm anti-neurotic and need all the scenes separate? Although I guess we have that anyway, with the list of scenes. Whatever.

I don't think you actually can be anti-neurotic

I think you either do not have neuroses, or your neuroses just happen to be the opposite of his. Those are the only two options.


we are so funny sometimes. for realz

I think it would be helpful also!

No, go ahead. I think it's better than what we had.

or don't

you're right again.


completely unrelated

Wikipedia gives me such a heady feeling of power.

the whole note business on the main page

sounds like one person with advanced schizophrenia


We should have a place to put important things/dilemmas/things that need discussion. Could we link to them under "Current Events" or something?

Actually, I think we're just sort of posting them on the main page at this point.

Yeah, current events would be fine.

Notes Etc.

Note to all: 'Entire screenplay' idea cancelled due to lack of initiative (it would require updating every time you make a scene change.)

Other Note: I decided to delete the script list. Maybe we should communicate better. Although when it comes to it, was either one necessary at all?

Note the Third: I don't think either one was, really. But I am also a sycophant and therefore untrustworthy.

Note the Fourth: I don't believe you.

Fifth Note: That's sort of sweet, I guess.

Fifth Plus One Note: I always call people liars when I'm trying to be sweet. That's why you cast me as the sincere one.

Note VII: That wasn't exactly what I meant. I mean, you said that I was lying about being untrustworthy, thereby implying that I was trustworthy. Which is nice.

Note the Maybe Last?: I know.

Aimee–I like where you're going with the Chinese dinner scene and I'm envisioning my exit. I assume you mean over Aimee's shoulder shot. This is good because then Alex and Aimee dominate the frame, while Dylan seems insignificant. The shoulder shot should first focus on Aimee as Dylan gets up to leave. As we follow Dylan to the door,the camera begins to focus on him. Perhaps we see him only from the back: he is rejecting all of us, viewers included. Then, as he is leaving, focus turns to Aimee, and you try to convey Saddness? Longing? with your facial expression. Something subtle and heart-wrenching. I remember watching "The Man Who Cried" with some of my extended family. There was a scene in which the Cate Blanchett character glances seductively at her boyfriend, John Turturro, and their eyes meet for a mili-second, before he quietly looks down and ruins the moment. It's not too subtle a moment– but subtle enough that only they share it. And that could be a similar, very poignant scene in our movie.

I think that would be very lovely.

I have two minor dilemmas: The Party and Photo Montage. So if anyone has a free moment, help would be greatly appreciated. (Although come to think of it, we could deal with those things a little later, as they are minor.)

the things that need to be done

I think we need more group scenes. Like, not the group of us, but scenes including people who are not the six of us, at least incidentally. So it's not freaky.

I disagree, I although that will enhance the ameturish feeling that this production will naturally have, I happen to like movies with small casts, something that I could concieve of as being a play... it has a certain satisfying feeling, like your getting to know the characters better than you would in the sort of plot driven situation that modern cinema tends to entail.


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