From Rom Com

I'm assuming we'll want one. This is where you should put songs you want included. You should also put those in the scenes they belong with.

"Cheated Hearts"--Yeah Yeah Yeahs (end credits music)


Also, at The End (Hallie and Nick), there has to be a slightly mournful yet strangely touching folk song. Definitely. OH MY OH MY. I KNOW JUST THE SONG.

"I Am Always in Love" (the rare, live acoustic version)--Wilco


oooh. ooh. There should be a somewhat obnoxious Blink182 style song during the photomontage. Like, fast-paced and with a lot of loud guitar riffs, with somewhat inane lyrics about relationships that fail. Because there is no other type of music that will do. For example, I am currently listening to "Dammit: I guess this is growing up". Which is a pretty stupid song. But it would work well. Actually, after extensively perusing my obnoxious-guitar-riff-style music, I think maybe the song "Use It" by the New Pornographers might work. Discuss?

And if we end up filming a pre-view of some kind, which I would support wholeheartedly, we should use the song

"On Fire"--Sebadoh

because the first line goes, "My opinion could change today/I'm responsible anyway/for second to third hand information/that complicates the complication..."

and the chorus goes, "now it feels like I'm on fire/and it's burning the world through/but don't hold it against me/because I know you're lying, too..."

and it is all about deceit.

During the Kati/Dylan seduction scene, the end of "Through the Grapevine" plays, followed by the beginning of "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne.
OH man we're going to need to talk about this. Hallie and I were thinking we could do a split-screen to "Mr. Brightside" by the Killers. But we can discuss it.

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