Shooting schedule

From Rom Com

Tentative list of scenes to be shot: Exposition; The End (Dylan and Aimee); Alex and Kati's Bet; Graveyard Seduction
Also we have shot Dylan/Hallie Break-up.

We need to have a meeting.

Tomorrow (Monday) at noon at Espresso Royale. Be there.


Doing Shit

Alright, I would like to get togeather with two other people in order go over certain scenes. I think for a good rehersal of any given set we'll need at least three, two people to act and one to observe.... so, in that vein of thought... who wants to work on this?

I would like to work on it

I'm working at a Sports camp from 8-12 Mon-Fri. –Rod


I know that this is slightly odd, but since I'm not going to be there, if maybe there could be a phone conference avec moi afterwards? Or something? Or, if you're going to film a scene, do you think you could take like a crappy digital version first and e-mail it to me, so I could look it over? That would be much appreciated. I am an iron-fisted editor. It's not so much the way lines are read (although I'd like to hear that) as body language etc.. Dylan, why don't we talk about this?--Carmen

That would be fine

We can talk about this, possibly tonight. I'd be happy to export any scenes we shoot to a .mov Quicktime file and send them to you. There are a very limited number of scenes we can shoot– what with you gone, Hallie leaving for Florida, and Nick and Alex going on their biking expedition.

Oh, you're right. Hm. Well, wahtever.

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