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What font is that in the green? I may be able to clean that white space up. :) Cholie 22:53, 10 April 2008 (EDT)

It says "Movie Team" in the font "Stencil", and I already tried to clean it up. :P If you still want to try, it's here --{Danwojo812}-
I'd love to join and help, I'm a good writer! -TNU
Check here for the parts we still have open. :) --{Danwojo812}-
I'll try backgrounds I guess, although, I'd prefer scriptwriting. - TNU
I AM THE SCRIPT WRITER! NO ONE ELSE!</emphasis> --{Danwojo812}-


Dat's not it. D: It's "PiƱata". :P Bfahome

I knew there was a tilde there, but I can't type it. :P --{Danwojo812}-


i just needed to upload it for my page. Don't have a heart attack over it. -Ibanez822

I'm not, we just didn't need it here, so I put it on Maj. :) Also, when you finish typing a message on a talk page, type three of these: ~ to put your signature. --{Danwojo812}-

what do you need?

Ill help with almost anything exep acting XD Mr.President

You can collect the recordings and send them to Cholie. :) --{Danwojo913 the Admin}-

recordings of what? i need cholies email to ;) Mr.President

Recordings of the voice actors. :) I don't know if Cholie would be OK with me giving you his email, so just ask him on his talk. :) --{Danwojo913 the Admin}-

What does a narorator(sp?) do? Trilak: Emperor of Light |Blabratory|Menu|Exo Sigs|'

XD, he narrates of course! Hey, Dan, is there any work for me to do? Tahu Nuva Unleashed

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