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Welcome to the ROAP Home Entertainment Experience...

Welcome to the base of the ROAP Movie Team! So far, the team consists of Danwojo913, Ibanez822, Cholie, TNU, Mr.President, and Avlok but we still have open spaces! Sign up to be part of our first movie, "Revenge of a Piñata"!

Important Notices

  • The Movie Team has been formed, and Danwojo913 has started the script.
  • Please visit our forum!

Thank you,

~ ROAP-M-T Staff

Featured Character

Carlos the Pinata

Carlos was the main antagonist of Revenge of a Piñata. He leads the Piñata rebellion to destroy humankind.

Featured Image

Image Uploaded by Danwojo913

Carlos the Pinata is the main antagonist of Revenge of a Piñata.

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