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 Joined: 5-21-07
 Real name: Huw Powell
 Age range: 48
 Gender: male
 Locale: New Hampshire, US
 Stance: firm atheist (tolerant)
 Misc.: un-self-employed
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Human is one of the Big Five and one of the most active and productive RW members. He regularly edits across a 16+ hour swathe of the day. This may have something to do with the fact that he is self-employed. He is probably a cabalist, and in terms of influence probably second only to Tmtoulouse in real power.

He is known for being polite and reasonable, and would probably be content just having fun on RW without being productive. In rare moments he may act ireful, leaving his targets unsure how to respond. Quite tolerant of religious people, even though he is firmly atheist.

Human is an unabashed smoker and drinker, and occasionally tosses around the odd reference to scotch. Hails from Wales, and his real name is distinctly Welsh.

Tossing around an odd reference
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