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Hello and welcome to The RPR Portal, the wiki for religion and politics research! This is a dynamic website based on the well-known Wikipedia, but specifically devoted to religion and politics. It is meant to help scholars, researchers, and professionals. Please contribute to The RPR Portal under the different pages and headings and feel free to add your own topics. In the spirit of collegiality and professionalism, I ask that all contributors respect norms of politeness, privacy, and copyright when providing information related to religion and politics research. Where possible, please also include complete source information and citations. For licensing and legal issues, please note that "By hitting Save Page you put your changes into the public domain." Finally, please do not delete any main links as they serve as the basic structure for the site. Questions, concerns, and suggestions related to the site may be sent to

Warmest wishes,

Dr. Jennifer Epley, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi


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