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PSY 324-1 Neuropsychology

These pages are for the Spring, 2008 Neuropsychology class at Rollins College. You must be a member of the class to create an account, and you must have an account in order to edit the pages.

First Steps

Your first assignment is to create a user account and to edit your user page.

  • Create Your Account - you may select anything for your user name
  • Edit your user page - up in the upper right corner (for Firefox users; upper left for IE users - but use Firefox if you have it), you will see your new user name with a little icon of a person next to it. It will be red. Click it. This takes you to your user page. Edit the page (click the Edit tab at the top) and type in your real name and anything else you wish. (Check out my user page for reference.)

Your Assignment

You will be assigned:

and will contribute an article on each of these. In addition, you will be responsible (as a team) to do one write-up of a symposium article and presentation (either the Plasticity Symposium or the Synesthesia Symposium).

To start an article

Select from the links above to see a list of all syndromes, methods, scientists, and brain areas. Select from the list the one you were assigned and begin editing. For the most part, what you type in the edit window is what you will get. If you'd like help with any of the more advanced features (creating titles, bold text, uploading images, etc.), see me.

The good thing about a wiki is you can easily continue to edit your articles throughout the semester.

Other responsibilities

It is also permissible (and encouraged) to make small contributions to other people's articles, whether it be fixing minor typos, providing links to your article or other articles as appropriate, or even adding unique content. All contributions on a wiki are logged, so I will be able to credit all of your contributions.

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