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Myspace Reality is the subject of this wiki site, Myspace Reality Wiki.

Myspace Reality is a reality game. It was created by Kevin who normally hosts the games, however, Kevin has taken breaks and left hosting the games in the hands of Philip, Calie, and Boner. In each series, which lasts normally for a few weeks, a number of people (normally between fifteen to up to twenty at any one time) join a Myspace Reality group. The players may compete against one another by themselves or in teams. It is very nice to find friends at this site. I have found lots of essential news about writing services. Thence, I know where and how to order original academic papers. Usualy the game consists of an immunity question and the player to answer it will be granted immunity during the elimination around and may recieve special privalages. Eliminations are usually done by voting however there have been exeptions. (Read More)

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* Angela was the only person to play in every single game?
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