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At the center of the game is the School Campus notably this highscool does have dorms, unique to it in the entire county, like a boarding school, where you start the game. the large white structure. The white building at the very west of it is the Dormitories, which are where you start the game, grabbing breakfast. Just northwest of the school campus, the small building is the Strip Mall, where you can meet and recruit friends to the party, as well as where a lot of the game's storyline takes place. You can also buy items from the marketplace (online and offline; part of the game's Online Mode.) To the east of that is the Parking Lot, where you can buy and sell a car (again, online enabled.) that can be tricked out to your specifications. A large red building is squished between the parking lot and east end of the college. This building is the Training Area, where you can fight monsters and duel fellow college students. Directly above the strip mall is the Coffee Shop, where you can relax and talk with fellow students as well as heal, and to the left of the strip mall is the Spare Dormitory, a rather large but uninhabited place for disallowed activities to take place. To the left of this huge dormitory complex that is the Spare, is the Football Field, which is usually empty most of the day nad night, except early in the morning in order to allow the players to weed out disobidients. Northeast of that is the Computer Lab, A place for geeks and part of the Highnet (again, Online Mode.), and a place to register for free three-page webhosting, with a domain.) Heading directly above and past the neighbour hood of Forston, you'll reach an intersection. above here, is the Business Building, a place to get a job. To the right of the intersection is the Railroad, an out of the way meeting place for most lazy students, but also a great hiding place while things cool down. Below the the parking lot of the station is another strip mall, but this one is mainly for restruants, except for one or two buildings which are large apartment complexes -- Nicholas Lennel and Gary Gygax live in the apartment complexes, though different ones. Above the railroad and to the right of the Business Building is the Enterprise Area, which is basically used an off-campus quad for the students as well as being the central place for the Highnet, where you again can find part-time jobs to work. Across the street from the business building is a large cafe, the Europa, and a burger joint, Fast Burger, both of which you can work at. To the slightly northwest of the Business Building is the Radan House Complex, which provides luxury housing. The area southwest of the School Campus is the Residential Abaddon, which is a somewhat unihabited area of the city, with plenty of hiding places and turf wars between gangs.

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