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One RV, with a bathroom, a single bedroom with two beds, a driving room, and one large main room -- a plasma TV, 27 inches, two laptops, an Apple MacBook Pro, a typewriter, comic books and some of my "literature", a PlayStation 3 and Wii, and a box of matches, a beanbag couch, and a minifridge. Pop; root beer, cola, some ice cream, some juice, and a little bit of food, two small vaults, a checkbook (including blank checks) and a bathroom -- a heated seat, fluroscent light, and an iPod/iHome, later a radio. we have two pagers and two remotes, gas always full, On the ceiling and the walls, whitish pink, a green lava camp, a Glad air freshener, and opn the Ipod next to the bed, water sounds. Driving room, black tinted windows, cheetah seat, automatic stick, a TomTom, two cellphones; two iPhones, and as for books, old fairytales, and on the wall is a picture of a monster eating a little kid. Inspiration statue. Outside, it's going to be brown with a dragon on the side, saying "TAS." Electric stove. A tarp going down, with a fold out patio. And a Media Center, connected to the TV, -- with virtual reality gear, and huge webhosting. Cameras at each side and front of the RV, and inside, recording video and putting it on a website.

Game: Highschool Saga

___________________________ Nicholas Lennel |

Starting HP: 368 Starting MP: 0 Commands:

Slash   -    Attack   - Stab
Skill   -  Steal    - Insult

Nicholas is an undergraduate, for the fourth year, majoring in the art of theft and minoring in the art of insult. Wielding a kodachi, this tough-as-butter guy is the worst football player on the team and thus has a weakness against Jocks, unfortunately. His parents popped him out and left him under a cabbage leaf on campus, where he was raised by a teacher. He never knew how to use magic.

___________________________ Russell Goatley |

Starting HP: 244 Starting MP: 28 Commands:

Slash     - Attack -  Bottle

Recharge - Magic - Skill

Your average college guy. gets drunk sometimes. He leads a normal life of kraft dinner and college and tries his best to fit on, with middling stats all around the board. he uses a broadsword, which he can barely lift up, and a bottle, a lighter, quicker weapon.

___________________________ Isabelle Rymolski |

Starting HP: 86 Starting MP: 222 Commands:

Kick - Attack -- E. Draino


Skill Summon -- Dance

Isabelle is married to John Gygax of the rich kids' house. She meets Jebus while trying to fight off a puke puddle, and Jebus saves her. She seems to have a lisp for Jebus' name, however, calling him "Jebuz." From there she mastered the art of summoning -- able to summon such ethereal items as an apple, she seeks for better things. also a skilled dancer, her self-made dance, the European Draino, can be used to heal. she has tried to summon greater spirits such as Matt, a geek from the Rich kids' house, but always gets knocked out before she succeeds.

___________________________ John Gygax |

Starting HP: 481 Starting MP: 10 Commands:

Rulebook -- Attack - Sword


Dice - Magic - Gold

John Gygax is the rich son of Gary Gygax, Gary teaches Nicholas to use magic. John is married to Isabelle, and he pratices the religion of Draconism. Highly skilled in the art of combat, he already figured out how to instantly kill any enemy with dice, use gold in an attack, and perform a Hadoken. Using both a rulebook and sword as his weapon, Nicholas envies his versatility and abiltities.

__________________________ Gary Gygax |

Starting HP: 800 Starting MP: 56 Commands:

Gem Sword +5 -- Attack -- Annihilate


Dice Magic Skill

Gary Gygax is the creator of D&D, founder of Draconism, and John Gygax's father. he has accomplished a lot and is nearly unbeatable in combat, providing wisdom and sometimes backup for the group. It is said he owns the Highschool Sword Levantine, which will be used to combat against the other highschools one day. Gary himself may have low HP for such a strong guy, but he only takes 2-3 damage a hit. Gary teaches everyone in the group something, at least once. Gary teaches Isabelle the Dragon Draino, Nicholas how to use magic, Jesuz how to cast Bigfuckingmeteo, and granting John the Eternal Sword of a Few Truths, before joining them on their quest.

___________________________ Terry Macinkson |

Starting HP: 33 Starting MP: 0 Commands:

Rubber Swd -- Attack -- Textbook


Alchemy Skill Item

Well, Terry joins because he owes Nick big time, and so joins them permanently when he finds out the villain is eating all the Kraft dinner in the college. He majors in Alchemy and Suburban Fishing. Though he has pitiful HP and dies the most out of all of the characters in the movie version of the game, he has the ability to mix items for varying effects, as well as use them straight up in an ehanced mode compared to the normal mode.

___________________________ Jebus Aurion |

Starting HP: 300 Starting MP: 50 Commands:

 Rod    -  Attack   - Stab
Block   -  Pray    - Magic

Jebus is, well... Jesus' brother. Jebus can cast healing magic, and uses rods. he can also absorb spells. not much history is known other than that he's an angel.

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