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This page is dedicated to the late Ken Barrett, a personal friend sadly missed.

Bird Sightings Of Dagenham Chase LNR,By Vince Halley-Frame.

This page was last updated at 7.46 pm on Thursday 8th October 2009.

This page contains a personal Yearlist for 2009, 2008 and 2007.

Dagenham Chase Yearlist 2009.

Thursday 1st January.

1:Collared Dove, 2:Carrion Crow, 3:Cormorant, 4:Kestrel, 5:Blackbird, 6:Black-headed Gull, 7:Moorhen, 8:Shoveler, 9:Mallard, 10:Canada Goose, 11:Green Woodpecker, 12:Coot, 13:Mute Swan, 14:Starling, 15:Magpie, 16:Pochard, 17:Tufted Duck, 18: Woodpigeon, 19:Fieldfare, 20:Great Tit, 21:Lapwing, 22:Gadwall, 23:Common Gull, 24:Herring Gull, 25:Golden Plover, 26:Dunnock, 27:Goldfinch, 28:Robin, 29:Little Grebe, 30:Reed Bunting, 31:Blue Tit, 32:Goldcrest, 33:Chaffinch, 34:Teal, 35:Grey Heron, 36:Greylag Goose, 37:Stock Dove, 38:Bullfinch, 39:Common Snipe, 40:Greenfinch, 41:Lesser Black-backed Gull, 42:Chiffchaff, 43:Redwing, 44:Wren, 45:Long-tailed Tit, 46:Song Thrush,47:Great Black-backed Gull, 48:Mistle Thrush, 49:Great Spotted Woodpecker, 50:Meadow Pipit, 51:Great Crested Grebe, 52:House Sparrow, 53:Firecrest, 54:Grey Wagtail, 55:Rook, 56:Pied Wagtail, 57:Kingfisher, 58:Sparrowhawk, 59:Skylark, 60:Water Rail, 61:Jay, 62:Little Egret, 63:Little Owl, 64:Feral Rock Dove.

Tuesday 13th January.


Wednesday 14th January.


Friday 16th January.

67:Lesser Redpoll.

Saturday 17th January.


Saturday 31st January.

69:Peregrine Falcon, 70:Common Buzzard.

Saturday 7th February.


Tuesday 10th February.


Wednesday 11th February.


Wednesday 4th March.


Tuesday 10th March.


Tuesday 17th March.

76:Sand Martin.

Tuesday 31st March.

77:Wheatear,78:Willow Warbler.

Monday 6th April.

79:Reed Warbler,80:Swallow,81:House Martin.

Tuesday 7th April.

82:Red Kite,83:Yellow Wagtail.

Wednesday 8th April.

84:Common Whitethroat,85:Little Ringed Plover.

Saturday 11th April.

86:Sedge Warbler,87:Common Pheasant.

Monday 13th April.

88:Lesser Whitethroat.

Tuesday 14th April.

89:Grasshopper Warbler ( reeling but unseen ).

Wednesday 15th April.


Saturday 18th April.


Wednesday 22nd April.

92:Common Tern.

Thursday 23rd April.

93:Common Cuckoo.

Saturday 25th April.

94.Common Swift.

Sunday 26th April.

95:Tree Pipit.

Wednesday 29th April.


Wednesday 13th May.

97:Common Sandpiper.

Tuesday 9th June.

98:Cetti's Warbler ( heard only ).

Tuesday 23rd June.

99:Green Sandpiper.

Thursday 25th June.

100:Ruff,101:Common Redshank.

Sunday 28th June.

102:Ring-necked Parakeet.

Tuesday 7th July.

103:Mediterranean Gull.

Saturday 8th August.


Wednesday 12th August.

105:Black-tailed Godwit.

Sunday 16th August.


Monday 17th August.

107:Spotted Flycatcher,108:Whinchat.

Tuesday 25th August.

109:Wood Sandpiper.

Saturday 29th August.

110:Common Redstart.

Thursday 8th October.


Dagenham Chase Yearlist 2008.

Tuesday 1st January.

1:Woodpigeon, 2:Blackbird, 3:Black-headed Gull, 4:House Sparrow, 5:Carrion Crow, 6:Magpie, 7:Collared Dove, 8:Robin, 9:Starling, 10:Lesser Black-backed Gull, 11:Herring Gull, 12:Great Black-backed Gull, 13:Canada Goose, 14:Common Gull, 15:Greenfinch, 16:Meadow Pipit, 17:Wren, 18:Reed Bunting, 19:Stonechat, 20:Mute Swan, 21:Fieldfare, 22:Song Thrush, 23:Moorhen, 24:Coot, 25:Dunnock, 26:Mallard, 27:Tufted Duck, 28:Grey Heron, 29:Blue Tit, 30:Water Rail, 31:Cormorant, 32:Pochard, 33:Great Crested Grebe, 34:Lapwing, 35:Shoveler, 36:Gadwall, 37:Little Grebe, 38:Great Tit, 39:Chaffinch, 40:Long-tailed Tit, 41:Kestrel, 42:Teal, 43:Wigeon, 44:Jay, 45:Bullfinch, 46:Redwing, 47:Jackdaw, 48:Linnet, 49:Green Woodpecker, 50:Great Spotted Woodpecker, 51:Pied Wagtail, 52:Sparrowhawk, 53:Rook, 54:Common Snipe, 55:Mistle Thrush, 56:Stock Dove, 57:Little Owl, 58:Goldfinch, 59:Goldcrest, 60:Feral Rock Dove.

Wednesday 2nd January.

61:Ruddy Duck.

Wednesday 9th January.


Friday 18th January.

63:Greylag Goose.

Saturday 19th January.


Saturday 26th January.

65:Little Egret.

Sunday 27th January.


Monday 28th January.

67:Common Pheasant, 68:Kingfisher, 69:Grey Wagtail.

Wednesday 20th February.

70:Brambling, 71:Golden Plover.

Sunday 24th February.

72:Peregrine Falcon.

Friday 29th February.

73:Cetti's Warbler.

Saturday 1st March.


Sunday 16th March.

75:Sand Martin, 76:House Martin.

Tuesday 18th March.

77:Little Ringed Plover.

Saturday 29th March.


Monday 31st March.


Tuesday 1st April.

80:Willow Warbler.

Sunday 13th April.

81:Lesser Redpoll.

Tuesday 15th April.

82:Common Whitethroat.

Sunday 20th April.

83:Sedge Warbler, 84:Reed Warbler, 85:Lesser Whitethroat, 86:Wheatear.

Monday 21st April.


Wednesday 23rd April.

88:Tree Pipit, 89:Corn Bunting.

Thursday 24th April.

90:Whinchat, 91:Hobby.

Friday 25th April.


Saturday 26th April.

93:Common Sandpiper.

Tuesday 29th April.

94:Common Buzzard.

Saturday 3rd May.

95:Common Tern.

Monday 5th May.


Wednesday 14th May.

97:Red Kite.

Sunday 19th May.

98:Red-footed Falcon.

Tuesday 3rd June.


Friday 4th July.

100:Green Sandpiper.

Tuesday 26th August.

101:Common Redstart.

Wednesday 27th August.

102:Spotted Flycatcher.

Friday 29th August.

103:Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.

Monday 8th September.

104:Common Crossbill.

Monday 15th December.

105:Smew, 106:Ring-necked Parakeet, 107:Firecrest.

Dagenham Chase Yearlist 2007:

Monday 1st January

1:Carrion Crow, 2:Black-headed Gull, 3:Woodpigeon, 4:Coot, 5:Canada Goose, 6:Mallard, 7:Lapwing, 8:Moorhen, 9:Tufted Duck, 10:Pochard, 11:Great Crested Grebe, 12:Magpie, 13:House Sparrow, 14:Mute Swan, 15:Blackbird, 16:Robin, 17:Dunnock, 18:Collared Dove, 19:Redwing, 20:Common Gull, 21:Herring Gull, 22:Greenfinch, 23:Great Tit, 24:Blue Tit, 25:Long-tailed Tit, 26:Lesser Black-backed Gull, 27:Jay, 28:Chaffinch, 29:Song Thrush, 30:Goldfinch, 31:Goldcrest, 32:Little Owl, 33:Pied Wagtail, 34:Starling, 35:Fieldfare, 36:Grey Heron, 37:Kestrel, 38:Cormorant, 39:Teal, 40:Gadwall, 41:Shoveler, 42:Stock Dove, 43:Common Snipe, 44:Little Grebe, 45:Skylark, 46:Stonechat, 47:Meadow Pipit, 48:Bullfinch, 49:Wren, 50:Great Spotted Woodpecker, 51:Great Black-backed Gull, 52: Feral Rock Dove.

Friday 5th January

53:Wigeon, 54:Sparrowhawk.

Thursday 11th January

55:Green Woodpecker.

Friday 19th January

56:Reed Bunting, 57:Greylag Goose.

Tuesday 23rd January

58:Kingfisher, 59:Common Buzzard, 60:Little Egret, 61:Linnet, 62:Golden Plover.

Thursday 25th January

63:Mistle Thrush, 64:Shelduck.

Saturday 27th January

65:Grey Wagtail, 66:Rook.

Sunday 28th January


Wednesday 31st January

68:Red Kite.

Sunday 11th Febuary

69:Mandarin Duck, 70:Mediterranean Gull.

Wednesday 14th February

71:Peregrine Falcon.

Monday 27th February

72:Ruddy Duck.

Thursday 1st March


Friday 2nd March


Friday 16th March

75:Sand Martin, 76: Blackcap.

Wednesday 21st March


Wednesday 28th March

78:Little Ringed Plover.

Friday 30th March

79:Marsh Harrier.

Friday 6th April

80:Willow Warbler.

Saturday 7th April


Thursday 12th April

82:Lesser Whitethroat.

Friday 13th April


Sunday 15th April


Tuesday 17th April

85:House Martin.

Friday 20th April


Sunday 22nd April

87:Ring Ouzel.

Monday 23rd April

88:Reed Warbler, 89:Whinchat, 90:Hobby.

Tuesday 24th April

91:Garden Warbler.

Wednesday 25th April

92:Common Sandpiper, 93:Wheatear.

Friday 27th April


Monday 30th April

95:Common Tern.

Tuesday 1st May

96:Yellow Wagtail.

Tuesday 8th May


Wednesday 9th May

98: Egyptian Goose.

Saturday 12th May

99: Spotted Flycatcher.

Tuesday 15th May

100:Turtle Dove.

Friday 20th July


Saturday 21st July

102:Green Sandpiper

Wednesday 8th August

103:Wood Sandpiper.

Wednesday 15th August


Monday 27th August

105:Sedge Warbler.

Thursday 27th September


Saturday 29th September


Sunday 30th September

108:Lesser Redpoll.

Tuesday 2nd October


Wednesday 3rd October


Sunday 7th October

111:Cetti's Warbler.

Friday 19th October


Monday 29th October

113:Water Rail.

Thursday 1st November

114:Short-eared Owl.

Tuesday 13th November

115:Goldeneye, 116:Woodcock.

Ferruginous Duck on Saturday and Sunday 7th-8th April is pending acceptance.[ 117 ? ]

Birds recorded by Vince Halley-Frame at Dagenham Chase prior to 2007.

117.Red-necked Grebe,118.Slavonian Grebe,119.Black-necked Grebe, 120.Shag,121.Whooper Swan, 122.Dark-bellied Brent Goose, 123.Greater Scaup,124.Smew, 125.Goosander,126.Honey Buzzard,127.Merlin, 128.Red-legged Partridge,129.Grey Partridge,130.Quail, 131.Spotted Crake,132.Ringed Plover,133.Knot, 134.Little Stint,135.Temminck's Stint, 136.Curlew Sandpiper,137.Ruff,138.Jack Snipe, 139.Great Snipe,140.Black-tailed Godwit, 141. Curlew 142.Spotted Redshank,143.Redshank, 144.Little Gull,145.Yellow-legged Gull,146.Kittiwake, 147.Arctic Tern,148.Black Tern,149.Ring-necked Parakeet, 150.Barn Owl,151.Tawny Owl, 152.Long-eared Owl,153.Lesser Spotted Woodpecker,154.Tree Pipit, 155.Water Pipit,156.Nightingale,157.Black Redstart, 158.Grasshopper Warbler,159.Marsh Warbler,160.Dartford Warbler, 161.Wood Warbler,162.Pied Flycatcher,163.Bearded Tit, 164.Treecreeper,165.Red-backed Shrike,166.Tree Sparrow, 167.Yellowhammer,168.Pine Bunting,169.Corn Bunting.

The Birds Of Dagenham Chase. A Complete List.

Site Status. R = Resident, S = Summer Visitor, B = Breeding, W = Winter Visitor,

P = Passage Migrant Spring/Autumn,C = Common ( likely to be seen every day ),

U = Uncommon( not expected daily but often seen in low numbers ),I = Irregular ( rarely seen ),

( V = Vagrant ( less than 10 records ).

1:Black-throated Diver [ W.V ] 1 record of 1 bird, 7th January 1986. ( John Cox ).

2:Little Grebe [ R.B.C ]

3:Great Crested Grebe [ R.B.C ]

4:Red-necked Grebe [ P.V ] 1 record of 1 bird, a summer plumaged bird on 20th May 2004. ( Ken Barrett et al ).

5:Slavonian Grebe [ P.V ] 1 record of a pair from 3rd-17th April 2004.In heavy moult on arrival, attained summer plumage, displayed and copulated. ( Vince Halley-Frame et al ).

6:Black-necked Grebe [ P.V ] 1 record of 1 bird 8th-11th April 2002( Ken Barrett et al ).

7:Cormorant [ W.R.C ]

8:Shag [ W.V ] 2 records of 3 birds, 2 Juveniles 31st January-12th June 1993 ( Les Harrison et al ), 1 flew over on 29th January 1994 ( Martin Lester ).

9:Bittern [ W.V ] 1 record of 1 bird, 12th November 1992 ( Les Harrison ).

10:Little Egret [W.P.U ]

11:Grey Heron [ R.C ]

12:Purple Heron [ P.V ] 1 record of 1 bird on 27th April 1990 ( Howard Vaughan ).

13:Mute Swan [ R.B.C ]

14:Whooper Swan [ W.V ] 1 record of 3 immatures, 27th December 1999 ( Vince Halley-Frame ).

15:White-fronted Goose [ W.V ] 3 fly over flocks totalling 188 birds, 60 on 22nd January 1961 ( F.Trust ), 18 on 14th December 1978 ( Steve Bacon ), 110 on 16th January 2000 ( Ken Barrett ).

16:Greylag Goose [ R.I ]

17:Canada Goose [ R.B.C ]

18:Barnacle Goose [ W.V ] 1 acceptable record of 11 birds on 16th February 1994 ( Alan Bell ).

19:Dark-bellied Brent Goose [ W.V ] 3 records of 32 birds,

20:Egyptian Goose [ P.I ]

21:Shelduck [ S.B.U ]

21:Mandarin Duck [ R.I ]

22:Wigeon [ W.U ]

23:Gadwall [ W.C ]

24:Teal [ W.C ]

25:Mallard [ R.B.C ]

26:Pintail [ P.V ] 3 records of 5 birds, 2 Female and 1 Male on 27th-28th March 1993, the male until 2nd April ( Les Harrison et al ), 1 flying over on 25th September 1994 ( Mike Sullivan et al ), and 1 Female on 2nd October 2007 ( Vince Halley-Frame ).

27:Garganey [ P.I ]

28:Shoveler [ W.C ]

29:Red-crested Pochard [ P.V ] 1 record of 1 bird, an immature male on 30th March 1999 ( Ken Barrett et al ).

30:Pochard [ W.C ]

31:Ferruginous Duck [ P.V ] 1 record of 1 bird, a drake fully winged and unringed on 7th-8th April 2007 ( Vince Halley-Frame, Peter Dennison, Steve Bacon, Alan Bell and Gary Polain ). Also seen at Harrow Lodge Park on 7th-10th April 2007 by many observers.

32:Tufted Duck [ R.P.B.C ]

33:Greater Scaup [ W.V ] 1 record of 1 bird, an immature female from 11th December 1999 to 27th March 2000 ( Ken Barrett et al ).

34:Eider Duck [ W.V ] 2 records of 3 birds, an immature male on 12th-13th September 1988 ( Ken Barrett et al ), and a pair flying over on 21st January 1992 ( S.Connor et al ).

35:Goldeneye [ W.I ]

36:Smew [ W.V ] 4 records of 5 birds all redheads, 1 on 17th March 1966 ( Ken Barrett ), 1 on 13th December 1992( Vince Halley-Frame et al ),2 on 9th January 2001 ( Les Harrison ), and 1 on 25th December 2003 ( Ken Barrett and Vince Halley-Frame ).

37:Goosander [ W.I ]

38:Ruddy Duck [ R.B.U ]

39:Honey Buzzard [ P.V ] Currently being researched but about 4 records.

40:Red Kite [ P.I ] 1 record of 1 bird on 22nd March 1992 ( Trevor Broom et al ), then 6 records of 7 birds in 2006/2007. Records are likely to become more frequent.

41:Marsh Harrier [ ]

42:Hen Harrier [ ]

43:Sparrowhawk [ R.B ]

44:Common Buzzard [ ]

45:Osprey [ ]

46:Kestrel [ ]

47:Merlin [ ]

48:Hobby [ ]

49:Peregrine Falcon [ ]

50:Red-legged Partridge [ ]

51:Grey Partridge [ ]

52:Quail [ ]

53:Common Pheasant [ ]

54:Water Rail [ ]

55:Spotted Crake [ ]

56:Moorhen [ R.B ]

57:Coot [ R.B ]

58:oystercatcher [ ]

59:Avocet [ ]

60:Stone Curlew [ ]

61:Little Ringed Plover [ ]

62:Ringed Plover [ ]

63:Golden Plover [ ]

64:Grey Plover [ ]

65:Lapwing [ ]

66:Knot [ ]

67:Sanderling [ ]

68:Little Stint [ ]

69:Temminck's Stint [ ]

70:Curlew Sandpiper

71:Dunlin [ ]

72:Ruff [ ]

73:Jack Snipe [ ]

74:Common Snipe [ ]

75:Great Snipe [ ]

76: Woodcock [ ]

77:Black-tailed Godwit [ ]

78:Bar-tailed Godwit [ ]

79:Whimbrel [ ]

80:Curlew [ ]

81:Spotted Redshank [ ]

82:Common Redshank [ ]

83:Greenshank [ ]

84:Green Sandpiper [ ]

85:Wood Sandpiper [ ]

86:Common Sandpiper [ ]

87:Arctic Skua [ P.V ] 1 Record Of 1 Bird, Flying Over On 22nd October 1993 ( Mike Sullivan ).

88:Meditteranean Gull [ W.P.I ]

89:Little Gull [ P.V ] 3 Records Of 3 Birds, A Juv On 26th July 1990 ( Vince Halley-Frame ), A 2nd Summer On th April 200 ( Ken Barret Et Al ) And An Adult On th April 200 ( Vince Halley-Frame Et Al ).

90:Black-headed Gull [ ]

91:Common Gull [ ]

92:Lesser Black-backed Gull [ ]

93:Herring Gull [ ]

94:Yellow-legged Gull [ ]

95:Glaucous Gull [ W.V ] 1 Record Of 1 Bird A 1st Winter Flying Over In February 1992. Seen By Several Birders Twitching The Pine Bunting.

96:Great Black-backed Gull [ ]

97:Kittiwake [ P.V ] 1 Record Of 1 Bird A 1st Winter From 24th-29th July 1990 ( Vince Halley-Frame Et Al ).

98:Sandwich Tern [ P.V ] 1 Record Of 2 Birds Flying South On 15th April 1993 ( Martin Lester ).

99:Common Tern [ ]

100:Arctic Tern [ P.V ] 4 Records Of 5 Birds, 2 One 12th July 1988 ( Ken Barrett ), 1 On 9th August 1990 ( Mike Sullivan ), 1 On 5th September 1998 ( Howard Vaughan ) and an Adult On At Least 4th-7th October 2006 ( Paul Davis Et Al ).

101:Black Tern [ P.V ] 3 Records Of 3 Birds, 1 On 14th May 1992 ( Ken Barrett ), 1 On 9th-11th June 1992 ( Ken Barrett Et Al ), 1 On 24th-29th June 1993 ( Martin Lester Et Al ).


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