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TYTTENHANGER GPs ' An area running from, and including Willows Farm in the South to Colney Heath in the North. Consisting of four main lakes. Three used for Angling and an old gravel extraction Pit. The river Colne runs through the centre of the site, and Garden Wood & Coppice Wood.are included.


Friday 2ND January 2009

1:Mallard. 2:Tufted Duck. 3:Pochard. 4:Shoveler. 5:Mute Swan. 6: Canada Goose. 7:Grey Heron. 8:Coot. 9:Moorhen. 10:Cormarant. 11: Water Rail. 12:Common Snipe. 13:Lapwing. 14:Great Crested Grebe. 15:Gadwall. 16:Lesser BB Gull. 17:Common Gull. 18: Black headed Gull. 19: Greater Spotted Woodpecker. 20:Green Woodpecker. 21:Robin. 22:Wren. 23:Dunnock. 24:Tree Sparrow. 25:House Sparrow. 26:Reed Bunting. 27:Yellowhammer. 28:Chaffinch. 29:Red Legged Partridge. 30:Pheasant. 31:Collared Dove. 32;Ferel Pigeon. 33:woodpigeon. 34:Brambling. 35:Greenfinch. 36:Blue Tit. 37:Great Tit. 38:Long Tailed Tit. 39:Goldcrest. 40:Kestral. 41:Sparrowhawk. 42:Goldfinch. 43:Nuthatch. 44:Treecreeper. 45:Carrion Crow. 46:Rook. 47:Jackdaw. 48:Starling. 49:Pied Wagtail. 50:Blackbird. 51:Redwing. 52:Fieldfare. 53:Siskin. 54:Mistle Thrush. 55:Song Thrush. 56:Jay. 57:Skylark. 58:Magpie. 59:Shellduck.

Saturday 3rd January 2009

60:Teal. 61:Little Owl. 62:Buzzard. 63:Jack Snipe. 64:Red Kite.

Tuesday 6th December 2009

65:Herring Gull. 66:Wigeon. 67:Golden Plover. 68:Greylag Goose.

Wednesday 7th December 2009

69:Bullfinch. 70:Kingfisher.

Friday 9th Febuary 2009

71:Coal Tit

Monday 12th January 2009

72:Great black-backed Gull. 73:Little Egret.

Tuesday 13th January 2009

74:Meadow Pipit. 75:Green Sandpiper.

Wednesday 14th January 2009


Friday 16th January 2009

77:Stock Dove.

Saturday 17th January 2009

78:Linnet. 79:Peregrine.

Tuesday 20th January 2009

80:Ruddy Duck.

Saturday 24th January 2009

81:Grey Wagtail.


2nd January 2008 1:Mallard 2:Long tailed Tit. 3:Shoveler. 4:Gadwall. 5:Tufted Duck. 6:Pochard. 7:Teal 8:Coot. 9:Moorhen. 10:Grey Heron. 11:Mute Swan. 12:Jay. 13:Dunnock. 14:Magpie. 15:LBBGull. 16:BHGull. 17:Common Gull. 18:Blue Tit. 19:Great Tit. 20:Meadow Pipit. 21:Skylark. 22:Kestral. 23:Blackbird. 24:Cormarant. 25:Lapwing. 26:Chaffinch. 27:Yellowhammer. 28:Tree Sparrow. 29:House Sparrow 30:Jackdaw. 31:Carrion Crow. 32:Reed Bunting. 33:Pheasant. 34:Red legged Partridge. 35:Robin. 36:Wigeon. 37:Stonechat.

5th January 2008 38:Green Sandpiper. 39:Canada Goose. 40:Great Crested Grebe. 41:Pied Wagtail. 42:Starling. 43:Redwing. 44:Fieldfare.

7th JANUARY 08 45:Song Thrush. 46:Brambling. 47:Rook. 48:Kingfisher. 49:Wren. 50:Herring Gull. 51:Goldfinch. 52:wood Pigeon. 53:Ferel Pigeon.

8th January 08 54:Mistle Thrush. 55:Stock Dove. 56:Collared Dove. 57:Goldcrest. 58:Sparrowhawk.

12th January 08 59:Green Woodpecker.

16th JANUARY 08 60:Grey Wagtail. 61:Nuthatch. 62:Little Owl. 63:GS Woodpecker.

22nd January 08 64:Siskin. 65:Treecreeper. 66:Coal Tit. 67:Greylag Goose.

23rd JANUARY 08 68: Common Snipe.

30th JANUARY 08 69:Bullfinch. 70:Buzzard.

7th FEBRUARY 08 71:Water Rail. 72:Shellduck. 73:Golden Plover.

13th FEBRUARY 08 74:Great Black backed GULL

14th FEBRUARY 08 75: Lesser Redpoll.

21st FEBRUARY 08 76: Ring necked Parakeet

23rd FEBRUARY 08 77: Ringed Plover. 78: Little Grebe.

24th FEBRUARY 08 79: Curlew. 80: Linnet. 81: Yellow-legged Gull

28th FEBRUARY 08 82: Redshank.

6th MARCH 08 83: Oystercatcher.

8th MARCH 08 84: Grey Partridge.

15th March 08 85: Bewick's Swan. 86: Chiffchaff. 87: Wheatear. 88:Greenfinch.

26th March 08 89: Red Kite.

27th March 08 90: Dunlin. 91: Barn Owl

28th March 08 92: Sand Martin.

3rd April 08 93: Little Ringed Plover.

5th April 08 94: Swallow.

12th April 08 95: Willow Warbler. 96: Sedge Warbler. 97: Blackcap.

14th April 08 98: Whimbrel.

16th April 08 99: Common Tern. 100: Ruddy Duck.

17th April 08 101: Avocet. 102. Cuckoo. 103: House Martin.

19th April 08 104: Greenshank

21st April 08 105: Ring Ouzel. 106: Whitethroat.

24th April 08 107: Common Sandpiper. 108: Blue-headed Wagtail.

28th April 08 109: Swift. 110: Mandarin.

30th April 08 111: Black Tern. 112: Hobby. 113: Egyptian Goose.

1st May 08 114: Whinchat. 115: Lesser Whitethroat.

2nd May 08 116: Garden Warbler.

3rd May 08 117: Reed Warbler.

11th May 08 118: Goosander. 119: Spotted Flycatcher.

13th May 08 120: Garganey,

16th May 08 121: Sanderling.

21st May 08 122: Little Egret.

9th August 08 123: Med Gull.

20th August 08 124: Ruff.

30th August 08 125: Turnstone.

6th Sept 08 126: Peregrine.

3rd October 08 127: Common Redstart.

19th October 08 128: Goldeneye.

5th November 08 129: Jack Snipe.

6th November 08 130: Tawny Owl.

9th November 08 131: Woodcock.


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