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Kato is the name commonly used by Lixan when using a human character. He is used in several differing media, ranging from "The Oracle" to anything Naruto related.



Naruto RPG

In the Naruto RPG, on the popular site BZR (BioZone Regenerated), Kato is portrayed as a powerful being with a mysterious past.

He first appeared when a battle with the Ikatzu took place in the woods, durring the chunin exams. He appeared in the trees, claiming to be a benign being tracking Oteno. It is later revealed that he was once good friends with Lean, who was killed in that battle.

After his appearance, there is a time skip of 3 years, durring which everyone has become Junin and he has left, gone into private to finish a "project" of his clan: The Zenamaras.

He next appears above Lean's grave, planning on going back in time by the power of the project he had finally perfected: The Seal of The Foresaken. However, just before he can use it, a war breaks out and Oteno ends up saving Kato's life via his own, forcing Kato to se the seal's power to revive Oteno, which forces him to go to the past and carry out his plan.

However, he drops into the past about a half-mile away from the battle. He then meets up with Kage, a being who appeared durring Lean's death battle. They race to the rescue, but because of their stopping to talk and explain why Kato was there, Kage wasn't able to save Lean.

Kato, who ends up blaming himself for Lean's death, returns to the future, where the war is taking a turn for the worse.

There, he turns to the side of evil, believing that he should not be fighting under the memory of "the one he killed". Shade, and Ikatzu agent, places a seal on him, turning him evil.

Kato then learns that Oteno was betraying The Ikatzu, save for Vira and Shade, which forced up Kato's rage of a double-traitor. He then partners up with his two mortal enemies, Aaron; his cousin, and Shadow; his shadow. He then uses the Chakra Death Explosion, which seemingly kills Itasa, Lean's love.

When Kage goes ot the past and stops Lean's death to stop Kato, Lean returns and thrusts some sense into Kato, who is rushed to a hospital to get his evil seal removed.

Afterwards, the surgery jutsu used on Kato actually changes his seal, which makes it permenant. Then, Xaeraz, an aly of the three, becomes a dragon and Kato is forced to use The 5-Tailed Dragon's power to fight Xaeraz, who has now given into his evil dragon: Salazar.

In the end, the Dragon sacrifices his life to kill Salazar, infusing his chakra into Kato to keep the balance of nature in check. Kato later gets Oteno to use "Fatal Heart" Byakugan technique to help him fuse his two chakra sets, making him even more immortal.

It has been revealed that the Dragon is not in fact dead, but a fragile conscious floating inside Kato. How this will come into play is unknown.

Currently, Kato is now with Xaeraz, both of them half dragons, trying to stop Zephyr, Xaeraz's evil twin brother.

Legacy of the Ninja

Kato is portrayed as an almost evil being, who has the Dragon, and is trying to bring Asuka and Ikari together in an alliance to conqure to villages.

The Oracle

Kato's role in The Oracle is unknown, but it is confirmed that he is in it.

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