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[edit] Character Name

  • Name: Alison Emily Angela Pettigrew-Cooper
  • Bloodine: Pureblood
  • Birthplace:France
  • Class: High
  • Year: 6 (for the eighth time in a row)
  • House: Grinfindor
  • Wand:

[edit] Personality

I can't read, cant write and can't even count. My art is my life. It is lucky I am rich.

[edit] Physical Description

My hair is curly blond worned down the tradition ways. My eyes are as dark as Snape. My glasses are purple I am short. I also have braces on teeth and legs and arms. Oh yeah I also have brace on my back. I am really skinny. I am

not brave or intelligent or smart.

[edit] History

I hate my family. My father divored my mother when I was a baby. My fatheer remaried when I was one. My mom remaried when I was two and moved to France. When I was three my father got aressted sent to Azkaban. When I was four my mother moved to Amercia. She left me in rotton care of my stepmother. I became very ill when was five years old. I spent years in a muggle hospital. When I was ten I was sent to living with my stepfather after my stepmother got aressted. He treated me like a princess. He was muggle he gave me what every I wanted but he hidden my witchness from me. When I was thirteen years old. I finally got my letter to Hogwarts. My mom had became diffrent. She had been curstais curee. I had to find a job. I felt like I couldn't go to school. My mom need me.. The headmaster let my mom move into the whatever house I was in. My mom soon died a few days after I was sorted into Grinfindor. I spent my first year in bed morning my mother loss and going to class and being a workholic. My seond year became a sexalloic . I had sexs with boys and girls when I was really drunk. That winter I found i was pregunt. I gave the babies up for adoption. The only class I passed was Potions that year. I always been good math but I have never been good at reading or practail stuff. I was only in muggle school for few year. Lily Evans is turtoring me. My third year I was fifteen years old. I had just got off my braces of my body. I felt diffrent. I began excelling class becauuse I felt pretty and an intelligent. Then Frank Longbottom began notice me

[edit] School

[edit] Classes

  • Potions
  • [Quitdicth

Care of magical creature

[edit] Astrology

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