From Lane Co Oregon

This congregation on Highway 126 began in 1888 with the hard work of W. H. Wiltsee. He had established several other congregations in Lane County that same year. There were 21 charter members.

It is known that David Greene Gay and Charlotte Linder Gay were living in Walton in 1889. They may have been among the charter members. I. S. Day was an elder in 1895.

The Disciples Yearbook of 1892 lists 32 members with A.C. Barbour as the contact person.

By 1905, William and Irene (Callison) Marks were living there. Charlotte and Irene were granddaughters of Gilmore Callison. Wherever Callisons went in Oregon and Washington, a church was soon planted if it did not already exist.

The congregation built a building in the early 1930's and it was converted to use as a private home about 1976. The church does not meet now and people from that area attend the Noti congregation.

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