Shelton, Thomas Winthrop

From Lane Co Oregon

Dr. Shelton, born in the State of Missouri on October 4, 1844, moved to Yamhill County, Oregon, when he was 2 years old. Thomas graduated from Toland Medical College in San Francisco, and returned to Oregon to practice medicine in Salem.

The Shelton's moved from Salem, Oregon, to Eugene in 1884 with their new baby daughter, Alberta. Four years later, they built a house on the lower, south-facing flank of Skinner's Butte. Dr. Shelton established a lucrative practice as a doctor and druggist and became involved in local business and real estate ventures. He was part owner of the first water utility in the city, and he was responsible for the laying of the first water mains along Willamette Street and the construction of the first reservoir in Eugene.

Thomas experienced a lengthy period of poor health, and finally succumbed to leukemia in February 1893. He was 49.

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