Cook, Seley Mansfield

From Lane Co Oregon

Seley Mansfield Cook age 39 was born in Onondaga County, New York in 1812, the son of Beckwith and Sybil Olds Cook. It is probable he moved with his father and family to Portage County Ohio where he married wife Nancy B. Rice January 24, 1835. Wife Nancy B. (Rice) Cook, age 34, was born in New York August 15, 1817. She moved with her parents to Portage County, Ohio about 1820. (Nancy is a daughter of William K. Rice and Mary (Pettingill) Rice.

[edit] Children

1. Chloe Amelia Cook, age 9, born Cedar Co. Iowa 1842, Md. 1. John Alva Harry, 1857, Lane Co. OR. 2. James Laird, 1875, Coos Co. OR. Lived at Brewster valley in Coos Co. Chloe passed away 1929, Coos Co. OR.

2. Martha Armenia Cook, age 8, born Cedar Co. Iowa, Md. Basil Nelson Longsworth, Aug. 5, 1859, Lane Co. OR. Lived near Jefferson OR in 1905. Martha died about 1930 in Hillsboro, OR at the home of her daughter Emma Denby.

3. Osmer White Cook age 4, born in Cedar Co., Iowa Oct 7, 1847. Md. Mary Catherine Gilliam, October 12, 1873 in Wasco Co. OR. He died Mar. 7, 1920, Wasco Co. OR.

4. Mary Elizabeth Cook, an infant, born in Iowa 1851, Md. Isaac Connett Dec. 20, 1874. Lived in Polk Co. in 1905. She died 1937, Buena Vista, OR and is buried there.

5. Horace Howard Cook, born on the plains or Utah winter camp in 1852. He was not mentioned in his father's obituary 1905 so may have been deceased by that time. He may have lived in Lane Co. Children born to Seley M and Nancy B. Cook after arrival in Oregon are

6. Edward Alonzo Cook, born 1854 in (Lane County?) died after 1905.

7. Harriet Lucinda, born 1857 in (Lane County?) Md. William Lewis Connett, Dec. 20, 1874 at Independence, Polk Co., OR. Died 1939, Portland, OR

8. Nelson Jasper Cook born after 1860.

Seley M. Cook may have been the family wagon train Captain. Seley M. Cook family arrived in Oregon June 26, 1852. Lane County DLC # 1204 settled 25 Oct. 1852. This Land Claim was located in the Crow Vaughn area (also called Noti Valley in 1850's) of Lane County. DLC affidavit signed by Joel B. Cook, Abram Cutlip and Henry B. Smith. This Land Claim was located in the Crow Vaughn area of Lane County

The family remained in Lane County until sometime after 1860. It is believed the family relocated to the Buena Vista/Jefferson area. Seley Mansfield Cook was a farmer and a minister. He performed several marriage ceremonies in Lane County between 1854 and 1866. . One marriage was William Johnson and Alvira Cook, a daughter of Joel B. Cook, on July 23, 1854.

Seley Cook is known to have visited the Horace Rice family at Rice Station on Fifteen Mile Creek in Wasco County about October 20th, 1887. According to a letter from Ettie Rice to her cousin Austin Bushnell, "Uncle Mansfield is here to knight and him and Pa is first making the religion git. He came down some time ago if you and your mother had of waited a week longer you would of got to seen him." (Maryetta Margaret Rice)

Seley M. Cook passed on Nov. 9, 1905 at Jefferson, OR. For 72 years he was a faithful minister of the Protestant Methodist church. He is buried at Jefferson, Oregon. Nancy B. Rice Cook, aged 57 years, passed away June 14, 1874, four months after her mother. She is buried next to her mother at the Buena Vista Cemetery in Polk County, Oregon.

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