Briggs, Robert

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Springfield was settled when Elias M. and Mary Briggs and their family, including his father, Isaac Briggs arrived in the winter of 1848 via the South Road. Donation land claim records list their filing date on 640 acres as October 1849 (Geneaological Forum of Portland 1957):

[Briggs] chose as the site of his dwelling a spot convenient to a spring of water that sent up its bubbled with ceaseless energy. A portion of the prairie where stood this found in due time was fenced in the inclosure becoming known as the Spring-field - - hence the name of the town. Here for two years dwelt the Briggs family, the father and his belongings removing at the end of that time to a farm about a mile and a half from their original location. The Briggs’ father and son conducted the ferry where the fine bridge spans the Willamette…(Walling 1884:452).

[edit] Tomb

Robert is buried along side Betsey Briggs and Isaac Briggs on Laurel Hill Cemetery. Date of death not stated.

Isaac Briggs

Pioneer of 1847

Founder of Springfield, Ore.

Betsey Briggs

Pioneer of 1847

Robert Briggs

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