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Welcome to the Unofficial KZSU How-To Wiki

This is the freely editable "how to" website for the staff of KZSU FM 90.1, Stanford University.
Important: The content of this website is unofficial.
Refer to KZSU documents on for official information.

Main Areas on this Wiki

Emergency stuff Engineering contact info, ...
Show and On-Air stuff Using equipment in Control A, Recording your show, Setting up phone calls, ...
Promotions stuff Doing ticket giveaways, Staff singles, Suggesting shows for giveaways, ...
Production stuff Recording demo tapes, Creating show promos, reserving studio B and computers, ...
Music stuff How to review, Alphabetization in the music library, ...
Zookeeper Logging in, Entering playlists, Posting reviews, ...
Computing and Web stuff Getting an email address, making a show web page, adding specials...

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Other KZSU Pages

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