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Purchasing tickets to Varekai

  • Tickets to Varekai are available from:
    • Ticketek online
    • Ticketek booking hotline: 1300 130 300
    • Cirque du Soleil Box Office (cash or credit only)
      • Located at the Grand Chapiteau, The Oval, Melbourne Park
      • Box Office Hours
Open: 2 Hours prior to each show
Close: ½ hour after start of performance

Where are the best seats?

  • I strongly recommend you get seats in one of the following sections:
    • VIP: 101 or 102 (see below)
    • A Reserve: 200. 201 or 202
  • Click here for seating map
  • Any other sections will give you a skewed view from the side no matter how close to the stage you are.

Getting seats in VIP

  • There are sometimes opportunities to purchase unsold seats in VIP Sections 101 and 102 at A Reserve prices ($89-109 + booking fee)
  • The tickets are released as SEATS ONLY without the rest of the Tapis Rouge VIP package (food, drink, programme, parking CD, etc)
    • The full Tapis Rouge VIP package costs $250 per person
  • Ticket releases occur periodically close to the performance date (usually 1-3 weeks)
  • There is no set release schedule so it's really a bit of luck if you can get your hands on some of these seats

Varekai presale

  • Presale ends April 30 - ie. tickets are released to the general public
  • Preale only valid for shows between June 5 to June 19
  • The presale booking page can be accessed here
    • Or try the Cirque du Soleil booking line: 1300 130 300
  • Presale passwords: try "forest" or "angel" or "member"


 "Don't wait too long..." - Madeleine Peyroux
  • If you want to take more than a group of 4, please don't keep waiting for more people before you book
  • Don't try to stick everyone in one massive line.
    • Get the best seats you can in blocks of 2 - 6 seats.
    • Socialise before/after or during interval
    • No point getting everyone bad seats when:
  1. You probably won't talk during the show anyway
  2. If you do, you'll only know the two people either side

Further information

Cirque du Soleil Melbourne ticket information page

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