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A Gypsy in Melbourne


The look of the gypsy has recently entered mainstream fashion as a bit of a trend that's best described as "chic" or "bohemian". Of course Melbournians are no strangers to this look with our wonderfully eccentric and characteristic look best epitomized by the artsy types of Fitzroy and surrounds. Vests are increasingly popular and readily available and hats are making a big comeback.

So it shouldn't be too hard to gypsify some items you have already in your wardrobe - just mix and match to get the right look, accessorize a little to add the extra touch and voila. No need to be a picture perfect gypsy - adapt it to what you have and your style but it should be easy to add elements which are gypsy-esque in feel.

Summary: Mix and match. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. And have coffee and brunch in Fitzroy a few times :)

Detailed male and female descriptions of the gypsy look:

Some photos I've collected from flickr albums (men and women):

For those who what to shrug off the idea ... Even Kate Moss is planning a gypsy party :P

Where can I buy this kinda stuff?

I strongly suggest you familiarize and expose yourself to the look visually and then just poke around shops to see what you can find. All kinds of shops stock various bits and pieces that can go into the bohemian/gypsy look.

  • Op shops
  • Chapel Street Bazaar (lots of scarves/shawls)
  • Queen vic market
  • Episode (Sydney Rd) - they also have a lot of hats for around $20
  • Any vintage clothing store
  • Costume stores
  • Anton's Level 3 Melbourne Central (where the Spiegeltent staff shop when in Melbourne)

Ladies - here are some stores to visit and look at. You don't have to buy from them - they're often quite expensive but at least you get to see what some of the items should look like and just find the stuff elsewhere.

  • Alannah Hill (red and black items)
  • Mazi (lacey wraps/tops)
  • Yes Fashion (367 Chapel Street, South Yarra)



From the web:

  • You don't have to drop a fortune to get this spring's chic gypsy look. Romantic ruffles, exotic embroidery and jeweled accessories define this bohemian style. Careful not to overdo it--you don't want to look like a fortune-teller. An off-the-shoulder top is revealing enough, so don't pair it with tiny shorts or a tight mini-go for a longer skirt or pants. If your top gathers at the wrist like this one, leave off the bangles and bracelets--that's just too much. Opt for dangly earrings and pulled-back hair instead.
  • bohemian-like clothing. loose prarie skirt, and some layered tank tops, a loose cropped sweater, sandals, leather accessories and beads


  • No jeans, no business suits
  • bandanna
  • Shirt open at the neck
    • light coloured
    • can be loose and baggy eg. Shakespearean style
    • if wearing a modern cut shirt eg. business shirt - go for light colour (white/ivory/cream) with optional light pattern or texture
  • Hat
  • Waistcoat, button-up vest or knitted vest
  • textured fabric pants eg. cords or solid autumn colour eg. brown, purple, navy blue
  • maybe a wig (long hair) and try not shaving for a few days!
  • * http://www.flickr.com/photos/kv23/favorites/

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