Wilhelm Marschall

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Konteradmiral Marschall

Wilhelm Marschall (born on September, 30 1886 in Augsburg, Germany) is a German naval officer.

In 1906 Marschall entered the Kaiserliche Marine as a Seekadett. During the Weltkrieg he served as a Wachoffizier on the SMS Kronprinz. In 1916 he was educated as a U-boat commander and captained U 105 by war's end. After the war, Marschall served primarily as a Vermessungsoffizier (surveying officer) and in different staff positions, including in China. At the end of 1934 he became commander of the pocket battleship Admiral Scheer. As a Konteradmiral in 1936, he joined the High Command of the Kaiserliche Marine and headed the operations division.

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