Walther Stennes

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Walther Stennes (born in Fürstenberg, Germany on April, 12 1895) is a German political activist, mercenary and adventurer. He currently serves as Chief of the Chinese Imperial Guard.


After fighting in the Weltkrieg, Stennes rallied the national-populist Grossdeutsche Volkspartei from its creation in 1922, helping in the establishment of the paramilitary wing of the movement, being member of the left wing along with Chairman Ernst Röhm. A loyalist to the Imperial regime, he soon came into conflict with Röhm as the GDVP's stewards, viewed as too zealous and provocative, were left unpaid. In 1931, the conflict became violent when Stennes led a 2.000-militants strike against Röhm, calling for the overthrowing of the leading committee. Despite initially receiving support from Gregor Strasser, Röhm quickly disbanded the rebels with Berlin police's help, and denounced Stennes as a "syndicalist spy", causing him to flee Germany. A year later, Stennes was again identified as a colonial employee in the German holdings in China, but residing GDVP sympathizers forced him to flee for the free city of Shanghai, where he still resides, occasionally serving as a militia officer. Also working as a special advisor to the Imperial Chinese Court, he was made Chief of the Imperial Guard by the Xuantong Emperor, whom he befriended. Silly rumours even announced that he could be chosen as Chancellor by the Chinese Emperor.

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