Walter von Reichenau

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General von Reichenau

Walter von Reichenau (born on October, 8 1884 in Karlsruhe, Germany) is a German general.

Son of a Prussian Generalleutnant, von Reichenau entered the Prussian Army in 1903 after completing his Abitur. An adjutant at the beginning of the Weltkrieg, he served on the Western Front, was promoted to the General Staff, received the Iron Cross First Class and reached the rank of Major by 1919. Serving in China in 1926 as a General Staff officer, he was made Chief of Staff to the Inspector of Signals at the State Secretary of War, where many accused him of links with National-Populism, a claim that the General vehemently denied, pointing Röhm as "an agitator". He is by now General in the Artillery.

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