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...Otto I of Austria-Hungary ascended to his throne before his tenth birthday?

...Roman Ungern Von Sternberg was once supported by the Japanese government?

...Corneliu Zelea Codreanu wrote an autobiography that is translated into 7 languages?

...That Canada has imperial commitments in both the Caribbean and the Pacific?

... That the diary of Bavarian soldier Adolf Hitler served as a basis for the movie "Unser Kampf"?

...That Sweden remained neutral during the Weltkrieg?

...That the Shangqing Tianguo is a theocratic state?

...That Reinhard Heydrich was expelled from the Kaiserliche Marine for womanizing?

...That Reichskanzler Franz von Papen was indicted in the United States for spying activities during the Weltkrieg?

...What Field Marshal August von Mackensen said during the Serbian campaign?

...That with Benito Mussolini, the trains ran at time?

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