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Though this is vaguely funny, I don't really think it's suitable... Hitler was a down and out painter in Vienna before joining up with the Germans in the Weltkrieg. He was awarded two Iron Crosses and served as a corporal who ran signals. With the war dragging on, I think we can safely let him die in some battle of 1919.

Well, I did it because Kibbles made a funny flavour event with Hitler as a wrestler. It was a wink for it, and also a bit of humour in this world...But if you want to dismiss it...

I think we should ditch this Hitler-Wrestler thing. He could be a successful painter. He could win some money as an emerging talent at an art show in 1936 and then he could become a member of the Grossdeutsche Partei in 1938 (event with no effects, flavour). Kaiser_Crush3r


Hitler as a painter?

Bah! Then you see the horrible paintings he made, I barely imagine him as a true and famous painter, even with twenty years of practice...Or maybe as a figurehead against Dada and surrealism, both engineered by the disgust towards the Weltkrieg... Masked Pickle

I like his landscapes. Especially compared to dadaism and surrealism. He could be on to something in this timeline. Kaiser_Crush3r

Yeah but having him in at all feels very gimmicky, just like the ridiculous "mob boss Stalin". Evans

People love OTL refferences in ATL

As stated. Plus him being a mildly successful painter isn't at all far fetched.

Alternative suggestion

Originally, it was said that Hitler was killed during the german intervention in Russia. How about we stay with a dead Hitler, but make a flavor event about a movie released in 1937, which is based on Hitler's diary. The movie "Mein Kampf" will depict the struggle against communism by the heroic german army. Directed by Leni Riefenstahl, and starring Hans Albers as Captain Adolf Hitler. - Andromedos

Hmm interesting idea supposed Hitler was moved to the Eastern Front during the intervention (after recovering from the gas attack). I'm not sure calling it Mein Kampf would be appropriate though - perhaps it could be released as part of a patriotic collection of discovered historical materials, including the particularly evocative writings of Hitler? So the event says something like "The Blah Society has funded a publication containing a collection of material from soldiers who participated in the Weltkrieg, including poems by blah and the evocative diary of Corporal Adolph Hitler (2 iron crosses). The material should serve as valuable propaganda against the threat of Syndicalism." Evans

The title "Mein Kampf" could be taken from a quote in the diary. Maybe we can have two flavor events, one about the discovery of the Diary, and another about the diary being adopted as a movie. -Andromedos

Aye I like the movie idea, but "my struggle" implies Hitler's gone a bit mental thinking he's the saviour - our struggle would be a better title as it implies the effort of all Germany and still links us back to the real-life book :). - Evans

Maybe this could be made just as book entitled „our struggle”, and if the Großdeutsche Volkspartei takes over it would be made into a propaganda movie targeted at Syndies. Kaiser Crush3r

"but "my struggle" implies Hitler's gone a bit mental thinking he's the saviour " Not necessarily. Struggle is just one possible translation for the german word 'Kampf'. It can also simply mean battle. Yes, German is a tricky language. :-D In this context, 'Mein Kampf' could simply stand for the battles Hitler fought during the Weltkrieg and the Russian intervention, his personal endeavours during these long and bloody conflicts, and his personal reasons to fight for the Vaterland. Focusing more on the soldier than the entire war, a bit like 'All is quite on the Western Front'. -Andromedos

Mein Kreig! =p -Yuri

I'm thinking it would be easier just to cut him out. Him and Stalin, maybe even Churchill and Roosevelt too. No discussion, no apologies, they were never important (or were forgotten), end of that. It makes the story more compelling, more realistic and less gimmicky IMO. -EviltheMonkey

It's not gimmicky, as they have minor roles at most. K Crush3r

Correction: It can be very gimmicky, but people like "Easter eggs"... as long as we keep them quite serious and not ridiculous (like wrestling) I'm willing to compromise... - Evans

2 proposals so far

So we have 2 proposals: Painter that joins the Grossdeutsche Partei or dead soldier who's war journal was found. K Crush3r

As I read somewhere on the forum that Sarmatia considered Hitler dead on Russian front in 1919-1920, as I can't imagine him as a painter due to his poor skills, let's go to the memoirs. Any volunteer to edit my article? Masked Pickle

Aye, the memoirs it is then. - Evans

Alright, I'll try to turn it into a little chain of flavour events.- Andromedos

But how would that affect Germany and the rest of Europe? - Yuriswe

It wouldn't. It's flavour. K Crush3r

Reworked article

Alright, I started to rework the article. Feel free to add stuff. One more question, do we generally write this Wiki from an ATL point of view, like is was a Wikipedia in the Kaiserreich timeline? -Andromedos

Myself, I'm trying to write like if it was a Wikipedia written in the Kaiserreich world, on January, 1 1936, so the events of the game didn't occurred yet (Huh. They are quite advanced in informatics in this timeline.) - Masked Pickle

Hitler killed by gas while trapped in a room. I call that alternate histroic irony. -Andromedos

Any suggestions how Hitler's personalities in the movies could be like, if it was based on his diaries? Maybe sombre, patriotic, not always simpathic, but ultimately loyal to his comrades (this is a propaganda movie, after all). -Andromedos

Most of the work is done, I guess. Feel free to add more informations, and polish the artcile some more. -Andromedos

So, I officially declare this article done. Thanks Andromedos. I just have posted some photos of German ministers, if someone could begin to work on it...

Im trying to do the same as Masked Pickle or atleast not write anyhing that hapend after 1936. -Yuriswe

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