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Rattanakosin Kingdom
Kingdom of Siam
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Flag and Coat of Arms of Siam

Chat, Satsana, Phra Mahakasat (Nation, Religions, King)
Phleng Sansoen Phra Barami
Official Language Thai
Capital Bangkok
Head of State King Rama VIII
Head of Government Phot Bhahalyodin
  - Rattanakosin Kingdom

  6 April 1782
Government Autocratic monarchy
Currency Baht
Area Around 700 000 kmĀ²
Population About 20 millions



Having decided to support Germany in its struggle in Asia, Siam was greatly rewarded by the Kaiser at the expense of France and the United Kingdom and is one of the countries that benefited from the German victory in the Weltkrieg. When the French were forced to cede French Indochina to Germany, the Kaiser gave Siam the lands stolen by the French years before. When the 1925 British Revolution broke out, the Kaiser let Siam occupy parts of former British Malaysia. Finally, in 1929, when German brought an end to the hostilities in Burma, the imposed treaty awarded the eastern part of Burma to Siam. During the last 20 years, Siam has peacefully increased its territory and became a stable and peaceful country. However, many think that the German Empire is in decline and Siam should not expect any more favors, creating the need for expanded defenses in case of aggression by one of its neighbours (Burma and Yunnan above all) or possibly a Syndicalist revolution.



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