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Kraljevina Srbija
Kingdom of Serbia
125px-Flag_of_Serbia.svg.png 85px-Coat_of_arms_of_Serbia.svg.png

Flag and Coat of Arms of Serbia

With faith in God, for king and Fatherland
Bože Pravde

(Lord of Justice)

Serbia, positioned amongst the empires that dominate the Balkans.
Official Language Serbian
Capital Belgrade
Head of State Milutin Nedic
Head of Government Dragisa Cvetkovic
Establishment (De Facto)
  - Established

 6 March, 1882
Government Republic under military junta
Currency Serbian dinar
Area Approx 70 000 km²
Population About 6 milions

Serbia is a country in Southeast Europe. It is bordered by Hungary to the north, Bulgaria to the east and Croatia and Bosnia to the west.



The assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand by a Serb nationalist in 1914 proved to be the catalyst that began the Weltkrieg. Despite expecting an easy campaign, Austrian forces only managed to occupy Serbia itself in late 1915, and only then because of the due to the entrance of Bulgaria in the war. After the war Serbia’s southern territories were handed over to Bulgaria, whilst the remainder was kept under Austrian occupation until 1926, when the Austrians were forced to withdraw their troops due to ethnic tensions elsewhere in the Empire - but only after setting up a new government formed from ex-collaborators.

Since then Serbia has struggled to survive, keeping a low profile in light of the knowledge that she could not stand up to any sort of military attack. Over time however the government has become increasingly anti-Austrian and jingoistic, and knowing that they could not hope to defeat Austria they have instead turned their attentions southwards, towards the lands occupied by Bulgaria. Several diplomatic talks have already been conducted with the Romanian and Greek governments (who also lost territory to Bulgaria) with the hope of undermining Bulgarian hegemony in the region, and some say talk of a formal alliance is not far off.


President of the military junta and General of the Army of the Kingdom of Serbia: Milutin Nedic

Chairman of the military junta : Dragisa Cvetkovic

Foreign Minister: Dusan Simovic

Finance Minister: Slobodan Jovanovic

Minister of Security: Milos Trifunovic

Head of Military Intelligence: Bozidar Puric

Chief of Staff: Marko Bozovic

Chief of Air Force: Petar Vukcevic


The efficient Serbian Army consist of five infantry divisions (three with an artillery brigade), two cavalry divisions and one specialized mountain division. The Serbian Air Force comprise one small squadron of interceptors and one small squadron of tactical bombers.

Foreign Relations

Friendly relations with Russia, Greece, Romania, Ottoman Empire and Italian Federation.

Unfriendly relations with Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria.

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