Nikolaus, Grand Duke of Oldenburg

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Nikolaus von Holstein-Gottorp (born Nikolaus Friedrich Wilhelm on August, 10 1897), is the fourth and current ruler of Grand-Duchy of Oldenburg, one of the constituent states of the German Empire, succedding to his father Friedrich August II on February, 24 1931.


Nikolaus was born on August, 10 1897, son of Prince Friedrich August of Oldenburg, son and heir to then Grand-Duke Peter II, and Princess Elisabeth Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. He succeeded to his father on 1931 as Grand-Duke. From his marriage with Princess Helene of Waldeck und Pyrmont, he had five children (soon six, as his wife is pregnant): Anton-G√ľnther, Duke of Oldenburg, his heir (born 1923), Rixa (born 1924), Peter (born 1926), Eilika (born 1928) and Egilmar (born 1934).

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