Kenneth Stuart

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Kenneth Stuart (born in September 9 1891 in Quebec, Canada) is a Canadian soldier, one of the most prominent officers in the ranks of the Royal Canadian Army.

Kenneth Stuart was born on September 9 1891 in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. In 1908 he entered the Royal Military College of Canada where he graduated in 1911. During the Weltkrieg he served with the Royal Canadian Engineers overseas. In 1932 he was appointed as instructor at the Royal Military College of Canada and in this period he joined the Canadian Institute for International Affairs and became the editor of the Canadian Defence Quarterly, a journal circulated through the Permanent Force and the Non-Permanent Active Militia with the deliberate intention of stimulating critical thinking.

Kenneth Stuart is highly regarded by other Canadian officers who see him as a skillful tactician. Many of them would like to see him or Georges Vanier replace Ernest Charles Ashton as the new Chief of the General Staff of the Royal Canadian Army. However, this is an important decision yet to be taken and the British officers are likely to interfere and push their own candidates.

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