John Ross Taylor

From Kaiserreich

John Ross Taylor is a Canadian politician. Born into a well-known Toronto family, Taylor associated with the Quebec-based national-populist leader Adrien Arcand in creating an ultranationalist party, the National Social Christian Party during the early 1930s. Taylor played a key role in organizing this party in English Canada, even if he received a very low amount of votes in all local elections.

Feelings towards National-Populists is mixed in Canada. If Conservatives, despite the Canadian democratic tradition, have considered striking a deal with them in order to counter the Liberals and the Exiles' influence, British Exiles view them with a lot of defiance: if the nationalist part of their program promote an expulsion of the British from their fatherland, the populist part could appear as some sort of socialist program that could lead, according to the most paranoid Exiles, to a new Syndicalist Revolution.

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