Joachim Ernst, Duke of Anhalt

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Herzog Joachim Ernst von Anhalt

Joachim Ernst von Askanien (born on January, 11 1901 in Dessau, Germany) is the fifth and current Duke of Anhalt, one of the constituent states of the German Empire since September, 13 1918, succeeding to his father Eduard.


Born in Dessau as the son of Eduard of Anhalt and Princess Luise of Saxe-Altenburg, Joachim Ernst became the rightful heir to the Duchy of Anhalt then his father became Duke on April, 21 1918, but he died less than five months later, giving the throne to its young son: due to his age, the Regency was assumed by his uncle, the Prince Aribert. Then the Duke Joachim Ernst was 21-years-old in 1922, he was given full ducal prerogatives. As ruler of a little German state, the Prince has little influence but his youth should help the principles of monarchy to modernize a bit, as many Germans expect it.


The Duke Joachim Ernst was married twice, firstly to Elisabeth Strickrodt (born 1903) from 1927 to 1929. He married secondly Editha Marwitz (born 1905) at SchloƟ Ballenstedt in 1929. He has issue with his current wife

  • Princess Marie Antoinette of Anhalt (born 1930)
  • Princess Anna-Luise of Anhalt (born 1933)
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