Horatio Nelson Lay

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Horation Nelson Lay (born in the United States on January 23 1903) is a Canadian naval officer.

Horation Nelson Lay was born in Skagway, Alaska, USA on January 23 1903.

In 1918 he was a Naval Cadet at the Royal Naval College of Canada and in 1921 he was made a Midshipman and assigned to HMS Resolution for training. His next assignment was to HMS Cloud in 1923 for more training. In 1924 he was sent to the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, and Royal Navy Barracks Portsmouth for Sub-Lieutenant courses. His next assignments were to HMCS Patrician in 1925, followed by HMS Tiger for big ship experience prior to torpedo course in 1927. In 1929 he was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to HMS Vernon for Long Torpedo Officers Course and in 1930 he was made Torpedo Officer Atlantic Coast.

In 1932 Lay distinguished himself in the inconclusive skirmishes with the Syndicalist Navy in the Atlantic and was given command of HMS Agincourt. In 1933 he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and posted to National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa. There he pushed for the development of large fleet carriers because in his opinion they were the only naval units capable of ruling the seas and giving an unapproachable advantage to the Royal Navy. Admiral Keyes first and Admiral Nelles later supported his idea and enforced the introduction of modern fleet carriers. In July 1935 Lay was promoted to Rear-Admiral.

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