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Proposed outlines for some articles (Masked Pickle):


Examples: Otto I, Adolf Hitler, Franz von Papen (Masked Pickle)

If it's a monarch (during the era of Wilhelmian Place under the Sun, this is rather common!):

Regnal name with dynasty (birth name, place and date), held and current titles, list of titles, little summary.

Biography: early life before his accession - Reign (divide between before the Weltkrieg, during the Weltkrieg, after the Weltkrieg, if you think it has interest) - Personal life (parents, marriage, children) - Psychology?

If it's a usual person:

Name, occupation, birth place and date, current titles if any, biography, and other stuff.


You can also copy-paste from Wikipedia, but don't forget to slightly change the vocabulary, such as the Army names (a German admiral will never be in the Kriegsmarine in this timeline, but in the Kaiserliche Marine), the events (World War I must always be replaced by Weltkrieg). Remember that the point of divergence was the non-intervention of the US as the Lusitania was never sunk, so the timeline changed in 1917, and the Weltkrieg only ended in 1921!


Exemples: Germany (Masked Pickle) - Finland (KanaX)


General name of the country and official name (in the language spoken in the country), with her location. Countries which are bondered her. Little summary about her place in Kaiserreich world.

1.General informations

Official name - Motto - Anthem - Capital - Official language - Type of government - Date of creation (independance, unification, etc.) - Area - Population - Currency


Little summary in a few subarticles. Use Wikipedia article and the description given in the game's main menu.


Description of the regime - Screen capture of the cabinet on January, 1 1936 with description of the ministers and their ranks - Other few informations - OTL photos of Heads of State and Government


Description of it; don't forget that Hearts of Iron II is above all a wargame!

5.Foreign relations

List of the allies, the puppet states, the friendly relations and the true enemies. Also add the colonial holdings if they had so.

6.Flavour stuff

Things about arts, main events and other things you think enjoyable.


Each minister in the beginning cabinet (except if nobody knows who they are, such as Carl von Schubert in Germany) should have his proper page. Give a particular effort for the HoS and HoG, and the potential ones (such as the Crown Princes or the would-be rulers).

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