Heinrich Himmler

From Kaiserreich

Heinrich Luitpold Himmler (born on October, 7 1900 in Munich, Germany) is a United Baltic Duchy settler of Bavarian origin. Unable to enlist in the Kaiserliche Marine due to his frail condition, graduated of agronomy from Munich Technische Hochschule, he emigrated in the Baltic region such as many German nationalists who followed the Pan-Germanist order of colonization of these former Russian lands. He became famous in the year 1935 then he created in his farm in Latvia a perfect new race of chickens, which he called "Haushuhn Herrenvolk" (Chicken Master Race): appreciated by the Hohenzollern family herself for the nice taste of his creations, Himmler became one of the tycoons of the Baltic Grand-Duchy. Despite his Pan-Germanist views, many of his neighbours are describing the "Master of German Kitchen" as a shy but quite agressive man, dedicated for his farm and his own Theosophic Society.

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