Fu Zuoyi

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Fu Zuoyi (Chinese: 傅作义, born on June 2, 1895) is a Chinese general. He is the current Imperial Minister of War, and as such, nominal Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Chinese Air Service.

Fu began his career in Yan Xichan's Shanxi Army in the early 1920s, but defected to the Kuomintang during the German intervention in China, while his former commander rallied the Japanese, exiling himself in Manchuria. He quickly distinguished himself in the newly created Imperial Chinese Army, helping in the suppression of various warlords, resisting against Mongolian incursions and later against the Millenarian revolt. He obtained in 1927 the commanding of the Tientsin garrison, despite the defiance the Germans had towards him, as he was suspected of syndicalist tendancies. In 1930, he managed to obtain a position in the Imperial Court as Minister of War, entering a fierce rivalry with the Chief of the Army, Wu Peifu, and advocating a total reunification of China, with or without German aid.

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