Friedrich, Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont

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Friedrich zu Waldeck und Pyrmont (born Friedrich Adolf Hermann on January, 20 1865 in Bad Arolsen, Germany), is the seventh and current ruler of Principality of Waldeck and Pyrmont, one of the constituent states of the German Empire, succeeding to his father Georg Victor on May, 12 1893.


Friedrich was born in Bad Arolsen the son of Georg Victor, Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont and Princess Helena of Nassau-Weilburg. One of his sisters was the Dutch queen consort Emma, thus he is uncle of the current Queen Wilhelmina. After studying in Göttigen and Leipzig, he succeeded his father as Prince on May, 12 1893. He is one of the longest ruling monarchs in the world, but some have pointed that the Prince was not so wise: he was harshly criticized from all sides as he has done nothing to prevent the rallying of his son and heir, the Hereditary Prince Josias to the Pan-Germanist GDVP, while other German dynasts, such as Friedrich August IV, King of Saxony, became leaders of the anti-National-Populist movement.


Friedrich married Princess Bathildis of Schaumburg-Lippe, daughter of Wilhelm, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe and Bathildis Princess of Anhalt-Dessau, on 9 August 1895. They had three sons a one daughter:

  • Josias, Hereditary Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont (born May, 13 1896)
  • Prince Maximilian William Gustav Herman of Waldeck and Pyrmont (born September, 13 1898)
  • Princess Helene of Waldeck and Pyrmont (born December, 22 1899)
  • Prince Georg Wilhelm Karl Victor of Waldeck and Pyrmont (born March, 10 1902)
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