Elia Dalla Costa

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Elia Angelo Dalla Costa (born in Villaverla, former Kingdom of Italy, now Austria, on May 14 1872) is an Italian cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.


Early Life

Elia Angelo Dalla Costa was born on May 14 1872 in Villaverla, at that time part of the Kingdom of Italy and now part of Austria, from Luigi Dalla Costa and Teresa Dal Balcon.

He entered the seminary and studied in Vicenza and Padua finishing his studies in philosophy and theology in 1897, two years after being ordained priest on July 25 1985. After that he did pastoral work in Vicenza, as advisor to the bishop and teacher at the local seminary.

Career in the Chuch

Pope Pius XI elevated him to Bishop of Padua on May 25 1923, consecrating him the following August 12 at the Cathedral of Vicenza. On December 19 1931 he was promoted Archbishop of Florence and from January to May 1932 he was also appointed Apostolic Administrator of Padua. On March 13 1933 Pius XI elevated him to cardinal.

As Archbishop of Florence Elia Dalla Costa proved to be a caring and charitable man: his austerity and his focus on pastoral work were much appreciated and he was loved by the lower classes because of his untiring support and aid to the poor people. Despite the growing influence of the Roman Catholic Church, he wasn't involved in politics and preferred to concentrate on his job.

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