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Kongeriget Danmark
Kingdom of Denmark
125px-Flag_of_Denmark.svg.png 85px-COA_of_Denmark.svg.png

Flag and Coat of Arms of Denmark

Min gud, mit land, min ære

(My god, my country, my honour)

Der er et yndigt land (There is a Lovely Country)
Official Language Danish
Capital Copenhagen
Head of State Christian X
Head of Government Thorvald Stauning
  - Consolidation

  8th century
Government Parliamentary monarchy
Currency Danish krone
Area 39 160 km²
   with Iceland 142 160 km²
   with Greenland 2 308 246 km²
Population About 3.5 millions

Denmark is a country in Northern Europe. It borders Germany to the south and Sweden to the East.



The Danish defeat in the 2nd German-Danish War of 1864 after which Denmark had to cede Schleswig-Holstein and Oldenburg to Prussia and Austria led to the country's withdrawal into neutrality and to a pressure for reforms within. Already since 1849 Denmark had been a constitutional monarchy. Liberals and Social Democrats begun strengthening the parliament starting from 1901. Economically, Denmark focused on expanding its agriculture which became the most important part of their exports.

During the Weltkrieg the country remained neutral and continued the democratization process, introducing a democratic constitution in 1915. The primarily Social Democratic governments after the Weltkrieg layed the foundations for a welfare state that was patterned after the example of Sweden and up till today secured the population one of the highest standards of living in the world.

However, with the revolutions in France and Britain and growing German dominance on the world markets, Denmark's economy was bound more and more to it's larger neighbour to the south. With Germany's economy nearing a crisis, and social unrest within its borders and in Iceland growing, which path will Denmark choose to follow?


King of Denmark: Christian X of Oldenburg

Prime Minister: Thorvald Stauning

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Peter Munch

Minister of Finance: Alsing Andersen

Minister of Justice: Karl Kristian Steincke

Head of the General staff´s intelligence section: Erik Mertz

Minister of War: Wilhelm W. Prior

Chief of the Royal Danish Army: Erik With

Marine Minister: Hjalmar Rechnitzer

Chief of the Royal Danish Air Force: K.W. Essemann

Real History of syndicalism in Denmark. WIP


The Danish army comprise one infantry division, with not many soldiers, useful only to maintain the internal order.

The Danish Navy consist of two heavy heavy cruisers and two submarines, but all of them are old and outdated models.

Foreign relations

Denmark maintains cordial relations with Germany, even though there's bitterness about the loss of Schleswig. Nordic neutrality is valued, as proved by the non-aggression pacts between Denmark and Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Very good relations with Norway.

Friendly relations with Germany, Sweden and Finland.

Colonial Empire

In 1874, Denmark granted Iceland home rule, which was expanded in 1904. However, Iceland is not recognized as a fully sovereign state and remain under the control of the Danish king. Greenland as well as the Faroe Islands make up the remainder of the Danish colonial empire after the Danish West Indies were sold to the United States.

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